Regina. Poem about childhood dreams

Regina. Poem about childhood dreams

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What is your child daydreaming about? Would you like to be a singer, a successful youtuber, a Formula 1 driver ...? The imagination is free and we can dream of being what we want.

Children exploit this ability much more than adults. East poem about childhood dreamsRegina talks about a girl who wants to be a singer, a painter or a musician. Regina wants to be an artist.

"Mom I want to be an artist"

Regina says to her mother,

while looking at her smiling

and raise your arms in the air.

With the flight of a fly

at school he entertains,

see how it spreads its wings

and in his hand it stops.

From the window to the door

from the desk to the blackboard,

when the teacher teaches,

Regina in the clouds dances.

His parents and teachers

they encourage her to study,

because to be an artist

it has to be prepared.

He also loves music

he likes the violin a lot,

takes pictures with singers

feeling very happy.

Every friday afternoon

with illusion he is going to paint,

seeing that he does it so well

his grandmother goes behind.

When he paints he has fun

and although he puts on an apron,

with the "flight of dragonflies"

stains up to the nose.

Always does experiments

invented air fresheners,

with shampoos, creams and oils,

fills his room with smells.

Accompany the elderly,

enjoy being with them,

wants to take them home

to share your dreams.

Regina sees it very clearly,

will end up being an artist,

his paintings will be famous

and magazine cover.

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