Short school and college jokes for kids

Short school and college jokes for kids

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If you want to have a good and fun time with your children, and laugh non-stop, we recommend this list of short jokes about school or children's school.

Between 5 and 10 years of age, children are in the perfect sensitive stage for us to stimulate their good humor. With good humor, there is no problem or difficulty, or displeasure, that is not overcome.

Invite your child to learn and tell jokes for his friends and family. In addition, telling jokes relieves tensions, avoids stress, teaches loosening up, and best of all, invites children and everyone to laugh. has selected some short jokes it will make everyone in the family laugh. They are stories that speak of school, school, children and teachers. We invite you to laugh.

The teacher to a student:
- I want you to say a word that begins with the letter D.
- Yesterday
The teacher:
- But Yesterday starts with A, not with D
- Of course not, teacher. Yesterday was Sunday.

Juanito comes home with the school receipt and his father tells him:
- My mother, how expensive it is to study at your school!
And Juanito says:
- And look, Dad, I'm the one who studies the least in my class.

Pedrito asks the teacher:
- Master, would you punish me for something that I did not do?
The teacher:
- Of course not, Pedrito.
- Ahhhh, that's good, because I didn't do my homework.

A teacher asks a student:
- Rice is with S or with Z?
And the student answers:
- Here at school I don't know, teacher, but at home it's with tomato.

The teacher scolds Carlota:
- Carlota, again eating gum in class ... To the wastebasket!
And Carlota asks him:
- Teacher, the gum too?

A father asks his daughter:
- Daughter, do you think your teacher mistrusts that I help you with your homework?
And the girl says:
- I think so, Dad. She told me to tell you that you should go back to school.

The father tells the son:
- Son, if you get a bad grade in tomorrow's exam, forget that I'm your father.
The next day the father asks the son:
- Son, how did the exam go?
And the son replies:
- And who are you?

The teacher asks Juanito:
- Juanito, if I have two watermelons in one hand and two in the other, what do I have?
And Juanito says:
- You have huge hands, teacher.

The teacher asks Pedrito:
- Let's see Pedrito, what do you think would be the perfect school?
And Pedrito answers:
- Closed, teacher.

A math book is crying on the corner of a school and a boy goes and asks:
- Why are you crying?
And the book tells him:
- I have a lot of problems.

The teacher tells Jaimito:
- Jaimito, tell me five things that contain milk.
And Jaimito answers:
- Five cows, teacher.

What is the height of a math teacher?
- Make a mistake every two times three.

One day Carlitos arrives at his house and his mother asks him:
- How was school?
And Carlitos responds:
As in the North Pole, everything below zero.

The teacher asks Jaimito:
- Jaimito, why didn't you bring your homework?
And Jaimito answers:
- Because you gave chores for the house and I live in an apartment.

The girl comes home and says to her mother:
- Mom, Mom, at school I got a 10!
And the happy mother asks him:
- Oh, yes? In what subject?
And the girl says:
- Well, a 3 in math, a 2 in language, a 3 in English and a 2 in gymnastics.

What is the height of a math teacher?
Have kidney stones.

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