Why children should be vaccinated to go to school

Why children should be vaccinated to go to school

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By the time children start school, some of them may not have received the recommended vaccinations. This is what the current measles outbreak is showing, which has revealed that more than 40,000 children in Europe have been infected with this virus, unprecedented numbers.

This outbreak, and others of rubella or chickenpox that have been occurring for some time, is a wake-up call about the increase in parents who decide not to vaccinate their children, they are anti-vaccines. But, should these alarming data rethink the mandatory nature of vaccines? Should children be vaccinated to go to school? We analyze it on our site.

Vaccines managed, for example, to eradicate smallpox, the cause of thousands of deaths in adults and children. Vaccines save lives. They are the surest way to prevent illness, disability, or even death. I emphasize, vaccines prevent thousands of deaths of children. We are the majority who believe in the benefits of vaccines, but the increase in the anti-vaccine trend.

Personally, I think there is something more important to do before going back to school than buying the most original backpack, the best case or the most durable shoes. The first item on the list should be to review the vaccination schedule.

When in some schools the vaccination record is requested up to date and a child does not have it, parents usually refer to medical, religious or philosophical reasons. Leaving aside the religious or philosophical issues, which are the most questionable and incomprehensible for many of us, a child, for example, undergoing cancer treatment, is not in a position to receive vaccines for the duration of his treatment. A circumstance much more understandable and that is an exception to which no one would put a "but".

But, What do the laws say about vaccines? Currently in Spain, as in most European and American countries, the legislation determines that vaccination is not mandatory, unless a very specific circumstance occurs and always under the decision of a judge.

Therefore, Do children need to be vaccinated to go to school? No, whether or not the child enters a school does not depend on whether he has an up-to-date vaccination record, nor can a school refuse to admit a child if he does not comply with the vaccinations. Nor do parents have the obligation to inform other families that their children are in a special situation, because they are not vaccinated, even if this poses a health risk to others.

So far what the law says but, What do the families of the vaccinated children say? My family, and those of many other children, the majority, who have received vaccines in due time, we think that the ideology of other parents, conscious adults who make their own decisions, affects our children. Children may have close contact with other children who are not vaccinated and pose a potential risk to themselves, their siblings, family members or friends. Here the individual freedom of some families to decide comes into conflict, with the consequences that this has for others.

90% of children are usually vaccinated, so, as a general rule, it is difficult to see children with measles or whooping cough and, many parents do not believe that there is a risk, they have not seen the devastating effects of many diseases such as polio because for them, they are diseases of the past. However, children have to be vaccinated to go to school, mine and others, why?

- Global vaccination of children involves the eradication of diseases that can be potentially dangerous for many children. The return of diseases such as polio or smallpox could have catastrophic consequences.

- Your children must be vaccinated to go to school because theyThe vaccine can save your life and that of other children.

- Because the current globalized world makes children from other places come to our schools, places where some diseases have not been eradicated and the spread could be rapid without an up-to-date vaccination record.

- Babies and children do not have the immune system working at full capacityThey are vulnerable and the consequences of some diseases on them can be irreversible.

- Vaccinated children have a barrier effect It stops the germs, bacteria and viruses of these diseases from spreading.

- Is a a way to protect babies who, due to their age, have not been vaccinated or those who due to illness cannot be. If a brother of a child with these characteristics, who is already going to school, catches the disease and brings the disease home, the consequences can be dire.

- Vaccinate It is an act of solidarity towards the other children of the school, that they should not suffer the consequences of a misunderstood ideology. Vaccinating protects your children and those of others.

- An infected child misses school, not only misses school classes, but is a problem for families to ask days at work to care for them.

- Because vaccines are health.

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