Videos of Mexican desserts for boys and girls

Videos of Mexican desserts for boys and girls

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The word bean is unmistakable. We immediately think of Mexico. But, just as we instantly recognize the salty or spicy food typical of Mexico, its sweets are great unknown in many countries.

Coincidentally and recently, I found a YouTube channel with recipes for traditional Mexican dishes. Among them, of course, many recipes for Mexican desserts. The Canal is called Kitchen Identity, and includes dozens of dessert recipes. The best, that they explain them to us step by step.

Refrain from looking for modern desserts where the beauty of the composition of the dish prevails over the ingredients. In these recipes, what prevails is the flavor. And for this, there is no better teacher than tradition.

In Cocina Identidad you will find desserts worked on a wooden table, where it does not matter to sprinkle flour and stain when cooking. Where you work as our grandparents did, without haste, over low heat. Where advice is also given and the main questions when cooking are answered.

Here we find from the classic and sweet donuts to the bean cajeta. Desserts as nutritious as the capirotada (so typical of Lent) or the sweet coconut, almond, or corn tamales. The good thing about discovering this channel of Mexican recipes is that they also bring me closer to the culture of their country. Because let's not forget that gastronomy is part of the identity of a culture. I like to see how the cakes are made there or what is that of the gaznates, which they themselves describe as 'a Mexican treat'.

If you want to try to make new and surprising recipes for Mexican desserts, without losing the traditional flavor of traditional cuisine, take a look at these sweets, which are good for breakfast or children's snacks:

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