The tears of the dragon. Peace story for children

The tears of the dragon. Peace story for children

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If all parents and teachers educate children with the value of peace from an early age, they will be guaranteeing a peaceful coexistence in their adulthood. Peace is taught by example and through resources such as stories and children's songs.

Explain peace to your child with this japanese story, titled The tears of the dragon.

Far, far away, in the deep cavern of a strange country, lived a dragon whose eyes blazed like burning brands. The surrounding people were scared and everyone hoped that someone would be able to kill him. Mothers trembled when they heard of him, and children cried silently for fear that the dragon would hear them.

But there was a boy who was not afraid:

- Taró, who should I invite to your birthday party?

- Mom, I want you to invite the dragon.

- Are you kidding? - said the mother.

"No, I want you to invite the dragon," repeated the boy.

The mother shook her head in despair. What strange ideas your child had! It was not possible!

But the day of his Birthday, Taró disappeared from home. He walked through the mountains, through streams and forests, until he came to the mountain where the dragon lived.

- Lord dragon! Dragon Lord! ”He shouted in a vibrant voice.

- What happens? Who's calling me? - thought the dragon, sticking his head out of his enormous cavern.

"Today is my birthday and my mother will prepare a lot of sweets," the boy would shout. I have come to invite you.

The dragon couldn't believe what he was hearing and looked at the boy growling in a cavernous voice. But Taró was not afraid and kept shouting:

- Lord dragon! Are you coming to my birthday party?

When the dragon understood that the boy was serious, he was moved and began to think:

- Everyone hates and fears me. No one has ever invited me to a birthday party. Nobody loves Me. How good is this child!

And while he was thinking this, tears began to fall from his eyes. First a few, then so many and so many that they became a river that ran down the valley.

- Come, get on my rump - said the dragon sobbing - I'll take you home.

The boy saw the dragon come out of the burrow. It was a pretty reptile, with subtle red scales, sinuous like a snake, but with very robust legs.

Taró mounted on the back of the ferocious animal and the dragon began to swim in the river of his tears. And while he was swimming, by a strange magic, the animal's body changed shape and size and the boy happily arrived home, driving a boat with very beautiful ornaments and a dragon shape.


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