Crafts and Christmas decorations to make with children

Crafts and Christmas decorations to make with children

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Christmas is an ideal time to share, work as a team and create illusions around the holidays. In addition, in times of crisis it is necessary to sharpen the ingenuity and unleash the imagination to create and make all kinds of handmade objects to decorate and give as gifts.

Crafts fit perfectly into this framework: they are simple, inexpensive, they fuel imagination and creativity, they are ideal for working at home with children and we all love them!

Without a doubt, the elaboration, creation and development of some skill within the field of crafts increases the self-esteem of children and the not so young, helps their personal growth and to channel their energy. It helps children to reinforce concentration and create cooperation and socialization skills, raising their self-esteem.

Stars, Christmas fir trees, figures of Santa Claus, snowflakes, holly, garlands ... are a small sample of the great variety of themes that Christmas offers to decorate your entire home. Our proposals are varied in terms of materials and techniques. You can choose between ice cream sticks, felt, paper and cardboard as base materials and use paint, glitter, sequins or buttons to decorate them to your liking and give them color.

Creating, imagining, producing and having fun as a family is the objective of these ideas, which you can carry out using materials that you will find in your own home, low-cost and easy to use. When creating crafts and making them with children, we recommend that you wear old clothes, or that you put on an apron or a babi to be able to work comfortably, regardless of whether the clothes get stained or dirty.

Choose to work a wide table, which you should cover with disposable paper or a laminated tablecloth so that it does not spoil. And also, before you start, it is recommended that you have on hand all the elements that you will use such as glue, brushes, brushes or scissors. And remember that all materials related to painting must be washed well when finished using them to be able to use them again. Do not forget to cover the paints you use to prevent them from drying out.

Crafts are an excellent exercise to develop children's fine motor skills and not only achieve a beautiful decorative result, but also achieve a much more important goal: to develop an emotional bond. In our gallery of crafts for children you will find a wide creative proposal so that you can choose the one you like the most to develop with your child. Personalize your Christmas with decorations created by yourself. Create a different and warmer atmosphere in your home.

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