Why we should keep a journal with our child

Why we should keep a journal with our child

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Writing is a therapeutic way of letting go and expressing what we carry within. But not only does it relieve us what we can not express openly in loud words but it is also a way to save our lives, so that when our children are grown, they remember what worried them or how they felt when they were little.

And I do not claim that they are small Cervantes, just expressing what is inside them is enough. To do this, I'm going to tell you some things you can do to start making writing a habit, and why we should all keep a journal with our son.

First of all, I recommend that you choose a nice notebook or notepad. Remember that you can decorate it with a photo, phrase, flower, drawing ... Not everything will be just writing!

And secondly, choose a place and time to write, so that it gets into the habit like the bath, dinner, or the bedtime story.

Well, what can we write in that journal?

1. Activate positive thinking. Now that we still have experiences close by and enjoy the summer, you can write sensations, games, experiences or memories, lived during the summer. (So ​​during winter, in the most boring or cold moments, you can feel the heat of summer again).

2. It is motivating. But also we can express motivational phrases that help them to be inspired or revitalized or empowered.

3. Build gratitude. Take the opportunity to write sAbout the things or people to whom we are grateful (grandparents, friends, relatives, siblings or parents ...).

- Write what you would like to say to that person that we are not close toEither because she lives in another city, is traveling or is no longer with us (surely, you will miss her).

- Make a list of the things you like about yourself or about others. Of those people you admire. What would you like to have from them?

- Write about how you take care of yourself, love yourself or would like to pamper yourself more.

- Make a list of the things you like to do, it's a great idea for when you're feeling bored. We can remind you to look at the list and choose an activity to do to change your mood.

- Write down the goal you would like to achieve that day, or in that week or in that month or year. Each member of the family can write about it, and thus among all, keep track of it. And above all, celebrate what is achieved!

- Write about the things that have been a success in your life, or those that you have achieved that you never imagined to achieve (such as that math test that took so much work to learn or that A or that change of level in your favorite game ).

- Also write down those fears or things that stress you, to ask for help when they reappear or happen again.

- And finally, write about the people you love And the reason why you have that feeling.

This diary can become your own great masterpiece, don't be shy about carrying it out !!

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