Help your child overcome their fears

Help your child overcome their fears

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In situations of anxiety and fear in children, parents must be very clear that their help is of fundamental importance in overcoming such feelings.

Fears are not a serious problem. In this way, the important thing is to identify what your child is afraid of and from there, position yourself by his side so that together you can overcome that bad moment.

1- It is very important that listen to your son, allowing you to express all your fears.

2- Talk to your child about their fears. Try to know what scares him. And downplay them but without ignoring them.

3- Transmit affection, protection, reassurance, and trust. That way, your child will always tell you about his fears, and you can help him overcome them and grow more confident.

4- Encourage your child to express their fears without feeling ridiculed or ashamed. For that it is necessary that accept fears as real. Talk, for example, about situations that scared you when you were little and about your fears.

5- Face the problem with your child. When he is not able to do something alone, try to do it with him so that he can check that nothing happens. If, for example, he does not want to enter his room in the dark, shake his hand and go in with him.

6- Do not miss the opportunity to teach your child how other people act with confidence in those situations that he fears. If your child sees another child touch an ant, it may help him lose his fear of insects.

7- Reward your child for each time he manages to advance in overcoming fear. Praise their effort, their achievements, their bravery and their determination. This way you will be encouraging you and giving you more confidence.

8- When your child is going through a scary situation, try to distract him with games. For example: if your fear is of the dark, make up spy or treasure hunting games with flashlights in a dark room. And when he manages to find the (imaginary) treasure, tell him how brave he has been and point out that nothing bad has happened.

9- Always tell the truth. Sometimes it is the unknown and the lack of information that causes your child's fears. If he is scared by tales of ogres, witches, etc., tell him that all the characters do not exist in reality and that they only live in stories, in movies, etc. Repeat it many times if necessary.

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