Ideas to congratulate Christmas with children

Ideas to congratulate Christmas with children

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When my daughter began to write and draw, for many years she was responsible for the family's Christmas cards. She made the drawing and we put the message.

At first, we sent them by traditional mail, but then we got carried away by new technologies and started to send them by email and mobile phones. Faster and cheaper, although I still believe that the messages they send us by letter have a special charm.

It seems that new technologies awaken even more the imagination and creativity of people when it comes to creating congratulatory messages for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Children can develop very creative and curious messages, counting on a lot of tools for cartoons, gifs, photos, etc. And the messages, there are many already to copy and paste. There are them for all tastes, romantic, humorous, curious, creative ...

Some that I have found online and that I have decided to share with you caught my attention:

- To those who share laughter, to those who cry, to those who have someone by their side, to those who do not have it, to those I see often, to whom I miss, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

- Better than all the gifts under the Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family.

- There is no ideal Christmas, only the Christmas that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, wishes, loved ones and traditions.

- If these holidays you see a man dressed in red coming down your chimney and he puts you in a sack, do not panic: this year I have asked that my gift be you.

- With a prawn and a mussel I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship, Merry Christmas, and with my love that is worth an 'egg', Happy New Year.

- The reindeer, the dwarfs, the shepherds of Bethlehem, the mule, the ox, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the baby Jesus, the cousins, the nephews and I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS.

- Perhaps the best Christmas ornament is a big smile.

- The best Christmas ornament is a big smile. Here is mine :)

- There are 2 days a year that you can't do anything about: yesterday and tomorrow. Only today can you forgive, smile, dream, love, feel ... Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020!

- Merry, merry Christmas, the one that makes us remember the illusions of our childhood, reminds grandfather of the joys of his youth, and transports the traveler to his fireplace and sweet home! (Charles Dickens)

And since we did not want to be different, here is our message of HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Thank you for always being there, supporting us with your trust, interest and collaboration.

If you want to make Christmas postcards with the children, follow some ideas:HERE

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