Trick or Treating. Games for children's Halloween

Trick or Treating. Games for children's Halloween

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The Halloween party is one of the most popular celebrations in the United States. Year after year, it spread to other countries, and children became great protagonists. For them, it is another occasion to dress up, put on makeup and have fun causing fear among friends and neighbors.

With the 'Trick or treat ' (trick or treating), children play and have fun in the community where they live, since they have to go door to door to get candy or toys. Do you want to know how the trick or treat is played?

To play the Trick or Treating, it is necessary that children are dressed up. You can make very beautiful homemade costumes for them, such as mummies, ghosts, witches, etc., or simply putting on makeup is enough. You can also make a cardboard witch hat at home.

There is no age limit to start playing trick-or-treating, but it is important that children do so in a group. And if they are very young, it is best to have an adult accompany them. Follow the step by step of Trick or Treating:

1. Children must bring a bag or basket. They can buy it or just make it at home. proposes a witch bag, homemade. But you can make another bag shaped like a pumpkin or a ghost.

2. Once they have the bags, the children should knock on the door of each of their neighbors in the building or on the block where they live.

3. When the neighbor opens the door, the children should announce in a firm and loud voice: 'Trick or Treating'? The neighbor must seal the deal, giving each child candy, cookies or small toys.

4. In the event that the neighbor does not have anything to give them, then the children can play a trick, which is a prank, on their neighbor.

5. And what are the tricks about? Well, for little pranks like throwing confetti or confetti at the neighbor, giving him a scare with spiders or plastic mice, or simply throwing shaving foam at the door. Happily, children always get small prizes.

The trick or treattrick-or-treat) is the star game, the most traditional on Halloween night among children. This American custom is based on children going around the house asking for sweets and candies in exchange for not doing some mischief.

But where does that tradition come from? The origin of Trick or Treat lies in ancient celebrations in the United Kingdom, brought by settlers to the United States, as well as the feast of the Guising or Guy Fawkes Day, in which people dress up with masks and go around the houses asking for sweets.

Trick-or-treating was a folk legend of Celtic origin that said that the spirits of the deceased were free to roam on Halloween night. Among all the spirits there was a very bad one who wandered through the villages going from house to house asking for the trick or treat. Whoever did not agree with that spirit (the one named Jack-o’-lantern, which is known by the image of the Halloween pumpkin), would have the cursed house as well as its inhabitants, giving them all kinds of misfortunes and illness for the family, animals and the house. Therefore, as protection, the idea of ​​creating scary shapes in the pumpkins came up, in order to avoid curses.

Trick-or-treating customs vary by country. In Spain it is common to see groups of children asking for houses, disguised as scary characters such as ghosts, skulls, witches and others. In other countries such as Mexico or Puerto Rico, the celebration of this festival and asking for sweets at home is a common practice.

In the United States, it is very common for children to go to shopping centers and downtown areas and go to stores to ask for candy, especially in large cities.

In Mexico there is a version called Calaverita in which children ask '¿You give me my skull? ' instead of Trick or Treat? referring to a skull-shaped candy.

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