The emperor's wet pajamas. Story about childhood enuresis

The emperor's wet pajamas. Story about childhood enuresis

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Can you imagine an emperor, a king, or a prince urinating on the bed at night? Can you imagine a character this famous and important, failing to control his urine and pissing himself? This pretty short tale of 'The emperor's wet pajamas' It is just about that, about enuresis. A disorder that affects many children older than 7 years of age. Thus, share this story with your readers, in case some parents need it to tell their children that they have the same problem. We hope you find it useful.

Once upon a time there was an emperor who had a closet full of pajamas and who liked to sleep between the most luxurious duvets. He forced two servants to change his sheets and pajamas every day, and he did not let these servants talk to anyone else in the palace.

All this he did because the emperor had a secret: he peed at night. One day, the emperor ordered a special pajama, made of a very beautiful fabric, but which was dyed blue every time someone wetted it.

One night, before going to bed, the emperor, very proud, went to sleep in his pajamas. The next morning he had a blue stain all over his pajamas: he had peed at night.

During breakfast, the inhabitants of the palace wondered why I had that blue stain, but the emperor thought: "my tailors have told me that the fabric is the most beautiful in the kingdom, that must be why everyone looks at me ".

Until a little page came up to him and said:

- The Emperor has peed !.

The servants, who had not wanted to admit what they saw, began to murmur:

- Yes, it's true, his pajamas are wet.

Then the emperor realized that he could not keep his secret any longer and told everything.

He was very ashamed, but from that day on he decided to be honest with the people of the palace. Sooner or later, the truth always came out, and acknowledging it helped her stop peeing.


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