Express Halloween costumes

Express Halloween costumes

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Some Halloween parties are usually impromptu. Suddenly, two or three friends get together and propose to go and ask for sweets at the houses, but of course ... knocking on the doors of the neighbors without going conveniently disguised for the occasion is not the most convenient.

For those children who do not want to miss the Halloween party, or the collection of sweets with their friends around the houses through the famous phrase 'trick or treat?', But who have not prepared their Halloween costume, we will tell you how to do it express costumes for Halloween. Simple and quick ideas to do at home in no time.

The advantage of the Halloween holiday is that you can choose to use and combine normal clothes to turn the wardrobe into something very gloomy. Black is the basic color for almost all costumes, except for the ghost, which requires a white sheet. The rest, that is, witches and warlocks, monsters, vampires, devils ... wear black in their clothing as their main clothing. Good makeup and the right accessories complete the rest of the costume, to bring the character to life. Look at those ideas:

- The witch costume
That's the one girls like the most. To assemble this costume you only need a black tunic, which can be a black dress and a witch's hat, which can be made with black cardboard, creating a cone that will be glued on a round brim. As a complement, choose a black scarf that acts as a cape or that you can place around the neck and hang down to the waist. On this scarf and on the dress you can glue some cardboard stars.

For children, the witch costume is also very simple. You only need to make the magician's hat with cardboard and make a beard with wool or cardboard that must be fastened with a rubber band. Complete the accessories with a magic wand, which you can make by lining a pen or pencil with silver paper and sticking a cardboard star on the tip.

- The ghost costume
That is one of the most helpful, since everyone has an old sheet at home to use. You just have to pass it over the child's head and mark the area of ​​the eyes and mouth, and cut out the marked parts.

To make it more realistic, you can fray or cut shreds at the bottom of the sheet to give the costume a more spooky look.

- The Mummy Costume
That is a variant costume of the ghost costume. Also very simple, which consists of cutting a sheet into strips and rolling it along the child's entire body. The straps must be fastened with safety pins to the clothes so that they do not come down with the movement of the child.

Other quick and easy ideas for kids to 'trick or treat' and enjoy the Halloween party with their friends are: dracula or vampire costumes, which are also very simple. They just need the cape. The rest is makeup and slick hair.

And if your children prefer monsters, paint the child's face green and apply dark eyeshadow on the lower eyelid and lips. With the drawing of some screws on both sides of the neck or at the temples, it will be a great Frankenstein. Apply a bit of hairspray or gel to make it stand up or on end.

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