Halloween stories for kids

Halloween stories for kids

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We show you a selection of Halloween stories for kidsthat will undoubtedly leave your hair on end! Fun and terrifying stories in both English and Spanish to read with family or friends.

Some of these stories are scary, some are very nice and others are suspenseful and mysterious, yes, what they all have in common is that its protagonists are creepy characters! Let the children immerse themselves in the world of reading and read very entertaining scary stories. (One or another startle is included).

1. Ghostly Village. Halloween story for children

A story in English for children to practice this language while having fun. This story is about a town on the seashore, sad and desolate, for having been abandoned by many of its inhabitants. Only some women and children continued to live in the village, but one day when night came, everything changed…. If you want to know the complete story, we invite you to read this ghostly story.

2. The story of Jack O'Lantern for children

Have you ever wondered why pumpkins are a representative element on Halloween? Why are these orange vegetables used as a lantern during this celebration? On our site we answer these questions through this original story. Have the children discover this interesting legend and learn a little more about Halloween traditions.

3. Irene wants to be a witch. Kid stories

This is the story of a girl who passed every day in front of a costume shop. Inside her was a pretty witch costume. If only she could be a witch! Irene thought. This was the greatest longing our protagonist had, but why was she so interested in becoming a witch with a wart and squeaky laugh? Has he succeeded? Discover it together with your children in this beautiful children's story.

4. The pumpkin that wanted to be a watermelon. Kids stories

As its title says, a Halloween pumpkin is the star of this story. A very nice story in which our tender protagonist wanted to become a watermelon. Besides being a very entertaining story for children, it brings with it a valuable lesson: you have to learn to value and accept yourself, just as we are. Enjoy this beautiful story and teach children the value of loving yourself.

5. Frankenstein. Halloween story for children

The original author of this literary work is Mary Shelley and this time, we have adapted a version of this classic story for children. This is the story of a scientist who spent a long time working on a very ambitious project, which consisted of giving life to a monstrous being, made with human parts. An ideal scary story to tell on Halloween night.

6. The werewolf. Horror story for children

Who has not heard of the werewolf? A mythical character who is the protagonist of many legends and chilling stories. On this occasion we will tell you a short story, where we will explain the story of how this character arises. We assure you that with this story intrigue and emotion are guaranteed, the children will have a great time!

7. Dracula: a vampire without fangs. Kid stories

This tale is about a little vampire who couldn't eat anything that was red in color, not even some delicious strawberries or watermelons! In the Draculez family it was prohibited, due to an unfortunate event that his grandfather had experienced a long time ago. But one day, something unexpected happens that will break the Draculez code. Do you want to know what happened? Discover the story of this nice character who will teach his whole family a great lesson.

8. The Headless Horseman. Scary tale for children

The Headless Horseman is a fictional character that has existed since the Middle Ages, and that has appeared in mythologies such as Celtic or German. On this occasion our site brings you a classic horror story about this character, adapted so that children can read it and experience spooky moments! And very funny. Would you like to know what this legend consists of? Don't miss out on this short Halloween story for kids.

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