The importance of the bond between cousins ​​in the family

The importance of the bond between cousins ​​in the family

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Parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents ... they all have a role within the family. Each one has a fundamental role in building solid family ties, all without forgetting the cousins, who also occupy a very important place in the family chain.

And it is that, although the adults of the family are a very important reference for children, we must not underestimate everything they learn together with their cousins. For some children their cousins ​​are many times more companions, more friends than their own brothers.

Spending time and living with cousins ​​is much more beneficial than we can suppose. It is fortunate for children to maintain this bond and this closeness to their cousins. Cousins ​​are your equals, mirrors to look at and an opportunity to learn to relate better with others. For this reason it is very important that parents strengthen and strengthen the bond between cousins. We tell you what children can learn with their cousins:

- They are usually his first friends
With them they share confidences, experiences, laughter, fights and even, on occasions, vacations, family celebrations, trips, etc. They can be your best adventure companions.

- They learn values ​​from each other
Even if they see each other sporadically (on holidays or at family celebrations), with cousins, children learn to forgive, share, listen, be kind and generous ... Having cousins ​​implies having to adapt to some social norms that the other has at home. This is a much-needed interaction as it encourages tolerance, respect, and patience. Children can learn to relate assertively and develop conflict resolution skills alongside their cousins.

- Maintain a relationship for life
If parents work hard to bond between cousins, they will have a lifelong connection, just like with siblings. Also, spending time with cousins ​​will help your child become more autonomous. You will allow him to put into practice everything you have taught him, without you supervising him. Time away from parents, and with cousins, will provide the child with self-confidence and better self-esteem.

- They share the same memories and emotions
Childhood is a time we remember with nostalgia and for those who lived it with us we make a hole in their hearts that remains forever. With their cousins, the children will share moments of joy and sadness, of enthusiasm and anger, and all this will be a richness for their emotional life. Among them you can also create bonds of loyalty, trust and support.

- Encourage encounters
Parents must make it easier for cousins ​​to see each other regularly and, if possible, much more than on the dates and celebrations indicated.

- Talk about them
If it is not possible to have many encounters, we must generate vivid memory of the cousin in the child's mind, telling him things that have happened to him, for example, how he is doing at school, if he has taken an excursion, if he has dropped any tooth...

- Keep in touch
Encourage them to talk on the phone, chat or computer, the distance is not an obstacle for the cousins ​​to keep in touch and have small talks.

- Propose getaways
In addition to meeting to go to the movies or the park, you can establish a family custom of meeting everyone once a year. It can be a weekend where everyone leaves their home to share a fun getaway or on vacation.

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