The star of Bethlehem. Christmas story for children

The star of Bethlehem. Christmas story for children

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In the Nativity scene, in addition to the nativity scene, there are shepherds, sheep, Three Wise Men ... and of course, at the top, a star. It is the star that announced to everyone the birth of the baby Jesus. But do you know its history?

Here is a beautiful Christmas story, inspired by that star that shone more than any other, in charge of pointing out to everyone the place where the baby Jesus had just been born.

The night the baby Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem, all the shepherds in the area came to give him gifts. Some brought him little sheep, so that their wool could keep him warm. Others, firewood, to keep the fire that lit and heated the manger alive. And other shepherds carried large bouquets of flowers to decorate the portal.

But there was a shepherd girl, Clara, who was very poor and had nothing to wear. No sheep, no firewood, no flowers. He was so ashamed to present himself with nothing to the baby Jesus that he decided not to go. He leaned against the well in his house and began to cry. Then he saw a very bright star at the bottom of the well. It was the reflection of a star that illuminated the sky with force.

Clara didn't think twice: she threw the bucket into the well and picked up the reflection of the star. Her bucket, filled with water, showed the star shining, and she thought it would make a fantastic gift for baby Jesus.

So Clara went to the portal of Bethlehem very happy, with her star reflected in the wooden cube. From time to time he looked at her, to see if she was still there. He walked fast, so as not to lose his star. Upon reaching the manger, he showed the cube to the baby Jesus, but the star ... was gone. The roof of the manger covered the sky, and the star was no longer reflected. Nevertheless, the child God smiled.

Clara began to cry very sadly, and suddenly, one of her tears began to shine very brightly. It detached itself from his face and, transformed into a star, rose to the top of the sky. It was the brightest star of all. the most beautiful. Thanks to this star, the rest of the inhabitants knew how to find the place where the baby Jesus had just been born.

Since then, in all nativity scenes and Christmas trees, a star is placed, which recalls the story of Clara, the shepherd girl who, without having anything, gave the most beautiful thing to the baby Jesus: her love.

1. What gifts did they bring to the baby Jesus?

2. What fantastic gift did Clare give Jesus?

3. What happened to Clara's tears?

4. Why is a star placed on top of the Christmas tree?


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