How to talk about emotions and feelings with children

How to talk about emotions and feelings with children

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We must not only teach children to reason but also to understand their feelings and emotions. It is not always easy for us to talk with our children about emotions and feelings, but it would be enormously beneficial for them to have the opportunity and the necessary words to communicate their most intimate thoughts, their feelings, their dislikes, their regrets, their affection. .. in short, open its interior.

Communication between parents and children is essential for there to be harmony at home and for lasting emotional ties to be established between us. Talking with them about what they have done, what they have learned, or who they have been with is an excellent way to get to know them ... but one more step is for them to tell us how they have felt, if they have been happy, sad or angry. ..., for me this is the beginning of an indestructible confidence.

The bonds of union are more powerful the greater the capacity to speak of intimate and individual aspects. Showing our weaknesses, our fears or our joy does not make us vulnerable within family ties, but rather makes us more human and natural.

I acknowledge that, sometimes, I find it difficult to talk about how I feel, what my feelings are ..., for example, on many occasions, I look at my children and I want to kiss them, I want to tell them that I love them, but I don't. I shut up and, only on rare occasions, squeeze them and say the magic words "I love you". Sometimes out of shame and sometimes out of haste, the fact is that we go through life playing tough, supporting our tensions and avoiding giving free rein to our emotions.

The best thing would be for our children, when they want to laugh, laugh, when they want to cry, cry, when they feel injustice, ask for justice, and when they feel sorry for a mistake, ask for forgiveness. For this, we are once again their models, we are the most suitable to provide them with the necessary tools. Many fathers and mothers suffer greatly from the lack of loving and sincere expression of their children to whom they have given so much.

Their relationships become a distant cordial expression of conviviality, lack of emotion and gratitude. It is best to start expressing our feelings as soon as possible, but it is never too late to "move the piece" and tell the children that we love them (they surely know it, but we all need to hear it sometime). Talking about our feelings and teaching our children to talk about them will undoubtedly make us live happier. Doesn't a kiss and a sincere "I love you" from our son make our day happy?

Mirna Santos. Copywriter

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