Magical Christmas plans for children from 4 to 5 years old full of illusion

Magical Christmas plans for children from 4 to 5 years old full of illusion

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With Christmas comes the holidays, which translates into more time to enjoy with our children and do many activities to experience the magic of these dates. Christmas is a great adventure that repeats itself every year, but that does not stop being amazed at the transformation of the city, with its lighting and Christmas markets, and our house with the tree, decorations and Nativity.

Since we propose some Christmas plans for children 4 to 5 years that are going to make these holidays the most special. And it is that, the illusion and the joy must be our slogan for these days. Which one do you think is funnier?

Taking for granted the obligatory appointments that tradition dictates, such as setting up the Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree or going to the Parades of the Magi or Santa Claus parades, these are our ideas to do with the little ones whether your thing is to enjoy from the heat of the home as if you prefer to go outside.

1. Pajama party with the 'little gang'
As there are no schedules to meet or alarm clock to attend on holidays, it is time to organize a great party at home, where our son and his friends are the protagonists. Music, piƱatas, sleeping bags, lanterns with which to play in the shadows, pillow warfare, sweets (just enough to avoid having to end up visiting the dentist), stories ... everything will be at the service of a magical night. You can even organize an 'invisible friend' for that day beforehand. We assure you that your child will love being the host and will be waiting to find out who his 'invisible friend' will be and what gift he will bring.

2. In search of good purposes
Writing the letter of gifts to the Magi or Santa Claus is a classic. But, just as we adults do, we can teach our little ones to also make their list of new resolutions for the new year.

It is about seeking your commitment, an important value for your education. Thus, with drawings, stickers and many colors those lists, which we will later hang in their rooms, will be able to include things such as' I will stop biting my nails', 'I will not suck my thumb', 'I will learn the letters and numbers',' I will be in charge of setting the table at home '...

3. Appointments and meetings
Christmas is a time of encounters and reunions. The whole family will enjoy visiting and staying with our loved ones, and our children will be able to meet again or discover new friends. In addition, we can take advantage of these appointments to tell them what our Christmas was like when we were their age and how and what we played with our friends. It is a way to bring them closer to tradition and to teach them that both mom and dad also carry a child inside.

4. Solidarity activity
It is good that our children understand from a young age that not all children in the world have the same luck. For this reason, we suggest that under the motto of 'we must make room in the room for all the new gifts that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men will bring us', we teach our little one that baby toys or with that he no longer plays can become a great gift for another child.

It is not only about cleaning and renovating, but also about going with them to take those old toys to an educational center or NGO. Even commit ourselves to visit and help with our youngest, one afternoon or one morning, in a soup kitchen or charity activity. And, helping is also synonymous with Christmas. We want our children to grow up with the words 'donation' and 'solidarity' in their frequent vocabulary.

5. Magic shows
There is as much leisure offer on these dates as there are tastes and desires. But for children from 4 to 5 years we want to highlight two. On the one hand, the musicals. Surely at this age your child already has his favorite characters and is a small fan who will not stop singing all the songs of the show. On the other hand, magic shows. They will be fascinated by the magic wand and the illusionism will catch even the parents. Abra Cadabra!

6. The world on wheels
From the age of 4, children already begin to drive on wheels. We can enjoy a ride with them on a bicycle discovering how the landscape of our city changes from summer to winter. Now we will have to be careful with the snow or with the leaves that autumn has left on the ground.

And, to rest from the exercise, we can make a stop at the chestnut or churros stalls with which we will regain our strength. And, if your child prefers skates, we suggest that you do not miss the opportunity to skate on ice. Roll on the track! Does anyone dare with any acrobatics?

If you have children of other ages, you should also look for fun plans for them. In this way they will get to spend an unforgettable Christmas, Full of magic! Depending on how old the rest of your children are, you should offer them a suggestion that they find attractive and very funny. Here are some ideas so that you can reconcile the plans for all the children in the family.

- Baby plans
Because of their needs, babies cannot fit into all the plans the family makes. For example, if you decide to go skating, someone will have to stay with him in the meantime. However, a baby up to 2 years old can participate in Christmas activities such as decorating the house or walking around the city to see the lights.

- If your child is 2 to 3 years old
Children of this age will love making simple crafts and drawings to decorate the house, they will really enjoy the Christmas parade and parade, they can help you prepare some candy for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve ...

- And from 6 years
If you have a child older than 6 years old, he will like you to go to the library to pick up a book about Christmas and he will like to organize an afternoon of family sports. It may be a good idea to propose a solidarity activity to your children so that they can reflect on the value of Christmas. For example, you can donate some of the toys that they no longer use.


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