Infallible tricks to forget about the hateful stretch marks in pregnancy

Infallible tricks to forget about the hateful stretch marks in pregnancy

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The appearance of odious stretch marks during pregnancy It is something that more than worrying about a health issue should disturb us about an aesthetic issue. They usually appear on the belly, buttocks and thighs and are part of one of the changes that the body and, in this case, the skin of the pregnant woman experiences in this period of her life.

Pregnancy produces many changes in the body, including the skin. Most of them are secondary to the development of the placenta, an endocrine organ that produces hormones that will influence many organs.

In addition, during pregnancy there is a special immunological state, in which the woman maintains immunocompetence (she is able to fight against foreign agents that can make us sick), but does not reject the fetus that could be considered, although it sounds very bad, a tumor .

This new endocrine and immunological situation of women is also reflected in the skin and its appendages, through modifications, most of them transitory.

Chronic skin conditions such as acne, atopic eczema, and psoriasis usually improve during pregnancy, although in some women they may get worse.

Physiological changes of the skin during pregnancy, including the appearance of stretch marks, They are those that appear as a consequence of pregnancy; to a greater or lesser degree, all pregnant women experience them. They do not have an impact on health, but can pose an aesthetic problem. These changes can be classified according to the structure of the skin they affect.

There is no fully effective treatment that can be absolutely sure that the symptoms will not appear. stretch marks in pregnancy, but yes little homemade tricks:

- Preparations with gotu kola, rosehip oil, alpha tocopherol, hydrolyzed collagen and elastin and hydroxyprolysilane C, for their favoring effects on the synthesis of collagen and elastin, they can be of use. It is advisable to apply them between two and three times a day through a massage that favors their penetration.

- In the event that stretch marks appear, the use of moisturizer, which can improve discomfort, itching. Personally, the Nivea (I don't like advertising at all ...) in blue jar was good for me, because it is so thick and so hydrating. It gave me the feeling that it was really penetrating the skin. I did not have stretch marks until the eighth month, and the truth is that I cannot complain, since I did not get many; And since I hydrated them so much, after several years I can say that they are not very noticeable either.

- It also helps moderate physical exercise, since by toning the muscles, they act as good skin support.

- Drink a lot of water, in order to also maintain good hydration inside.

- Control the weight, although the increase during pregnancy is inevitable and the abdomen has to grow to give space to your little one, we must try not gain more weight than necessary.

- Refering to diet in pregnancyIt is also an important factor, since you can reduce the risk of skin tears (stretch marks), taking adequate amounts of animal protein, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C and E.

The hormonal state of the pregnancy as a whole and especially the increased production of a hormone called aldosterna, favors fluid retention. This increases the thickness of the skin and mucous membranes, which often improves the physical appearance of women by giving more turgidity to the tissues. But, on the other hand, the hateful stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a consequence of the breakage of the fibers of the dermis, and appear in 70-90% of pregnant women, especially after the sixth month. They are linear paths (1-10 mm wide) and up to several centimeters long. At first they are raised and reddish (erythematous), to later acquire a more pink color and with the years pearly. If we touch them we can perfectly realize "the breakage of the skin". They usually appear symmetrically, on the abdomen, hips, thighs or breasts.

It is thought that there is a certain genetic predisposition to suffer them, since there are women with very prominent abdomens and multiple pregnancies who do not have this "problem".

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