Recommended toys according to the baby's age

Recommended toys according to the baby's age

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Do you have to buy a gift for a boy or a girl and you don't know what to give them? According to their age and need, we present you a list oftoys, ranked among therecommended by ages and the little recommended ones, according to their characteristics, so that it is easier to find the most suitable toy for the baby.

Toys for babies from 0 to 1 year

  • Toys that stimulate the senses: with different colors, textures and sounds.
  • Toys that stimulate movement: easy to grasp, crawling stimulators ...
  • Toys that stimulate affection: stuffed animals, dolls ...

Toys for babies 1 to 2 years

  • Toys that invite you to travel through space: walkers, corridor runners, foam-rubber modules ...
  • Toys that make it possible to relate facts: cause and effect, hitting, throwing, putting in and taking out, stacking and making towers, experimenting with water and land.
  • Toys that stimulate the imitation of simple actions: animals and small dolls, puppets, telephones, cars ...

Toys for children 2 to 6 years

  • Toys for the outdoors: tricycle, balls, rope, buckets, shovels, sieves ...
  • To build, fit and improve your manual skills.
  • To imitate family and professional scenes: dolls and accessories, kitchenette, pots, shops, doctor's supplies, etc.

Toys from 6 to 10 years

  • Outdoor toys: skateboard, bicycle, board games and simple strategy.
  • Constructions of different types: bricks, rods, three-dimensional, etc.
  • Toys for experimentation and investigation of the natural environment.
  • To imitate fantastic scenes: spies, comic book, film or television heroes, etc.

How can we recognize those toys that are not recommended for children? They have the following characteristics:

  • Toys that do not meet basic safety standards: check that it bears the EEC seal, that they do not chip, do not release colors, etc. and, where appropriate, that indicate 'suitable for children under 36 months'.
  • Those that directly incite violence, the practice of unhealthy habits, discrimination based on ethnicity, culture, sex, etc.
  • Those that are impractical: difficult to store, need constant replacement, the loss of a part makes them unusable, etc.
  • Those unsuitable for children to whom they are intended: it does not respond to their interests or tastes, their age, or the possibilities of play offered by the place where they live.

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