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16 beautiful names for girls from Venezuela with their affectionate diminutives

16 beautiful names for girls from Venezuela with their affectionate diminutives

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Venezuela is a country with a lot of cultural history and ingenious people who know how to adapt traditional names and create original names for girls. That is why in this compilation we have included modern names, but also some very traditional ones that are still heard. In addition, we have accompanied this name guide with the most widespread diminutives of each of the options. Surely you can find the most beautiful way to call your daughter.

  • Popular and traditional names in Venezuela
  • Choosing a compound name with Maria for your baby
  • The best Venezuelan names for girls inspired by flowers

In Venezuela we have the willingness to easily adapt to changes. After all we are characterized by being a fighting and outgoing people, that includes the creation or choosing beautiful names for Venezuelan girls. Although some of these names are also heard in other countries, the Venezuelan culture is so rich and diverse that it has adapted part of the international customs to make its own tradition.

The names for girls in Venezuela are also very diverse. They are often combinations of parents 'or grandparents' names. Something important to mention is that in Venezuela it is custom add the -ita or -ina at the end of a girl's name, as a diminutive. But there are many possibilities at your disposal. Take a look at all of them!

Popular and traditional names in Venezuela

We start by proposing you some names that are very popular in Venezuela. Some of them also have a great tradition behind them that make them excellent options for your baby.

  1. Ana: (Anita) It is one of the most traditional names for girls in Venezuela, although its origin is from the Hebrew 'Hannah'. Its meaning is very varied, since it ranges from mercy to grace or compassion. So we can place her as "the woman full of grace or mercy."
  2. Carmen: (Carmela / Carme / Carmensita) Popularized thanks to the Virgen del Carmen, it is another beautiful name for a very traditional girl. Its origin is from the Hebrew ‘Karmel’ and means the garden of God ’. Although there is another origin in Latin whose meaning is 'Poem' or 'Music'.
  3. Paola: (Pao) From Latin, it means 'little woman'. But I will tell you that all Paolas in Venezuela are strong women with a firm character, so it ends up being a name with a special and striking touch for girls.
  4. Claudia: (Clau / Claudi) Although there is no diminutive for this name, the rule is not fulfilled in Venezuela. Claudia's origin is Latin and means 'light', but it also means 'woman who cannot walk', not because of an impediment but because of her immense goodness.
  5. Chiquinquirá: (Chiqui / Chinita / Chiquis) The most traditional name of all, since it is in honor of the Virgen de la Chiquinquirá del Zulia. Its meaning is not exact, but it is said to be a ‘place of worship’.
  6. Albany: (Alba / Albis) A beautiful name for a girl well known in Venezuela, it is of Latin origin and means 'originally from Alba', an ancient Roman city.
  7. Aranza: (Ara / Anza) A name for girls with a special and striking touch, which has become popular in the last decade in Venezuela. Its specific origin is not known, but it means 'thorn zone'. Although believe me, it does not correspond to the ones I have known.

Choosing a compound name with Maria for your baby

It is very common in Venezuela for Maria's name to be combined with others, which are generally her middle names. Leaving a very original diminutive or a unique name with a special and striking touch for girls.

  1. Maria Jesus: (Maje / Machu)
  2. Maria del Carmen: (Maricarmen)
  3. Maria Isabel: (Marisabel / Marysabel)
  4. Maria Ines: (Marines)
  5. Mary of the Angels: (Mariangel / Mariangeles)

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The best Venezuelan names for girls inspired by flowers

It is also very common in Venezuela to put beautiful names for girls inspired by flowers, there is even a televised novel, inspired by women with flower names.

Here are some examples with their diminutives:

  1. Rose: (Rosita) A very common name in Venezuela, it literally means "a woman more beautiful than a rose bush." But make no mistake, these women are not just pretty faces.
  2. Daisy flower: (Margi / rita) A beautiful girl's name and with a beautiful meaning of ‘woman as beautiful as a pearl’, from the Greek etymology ‘Margarites’. It ends up being an irresistible name.
  3. Lily: (Suza / Zuce) It comes from the Arabic ‘Asssusána’ which means lily and refers to the purity of this flower. However, in Venezuela it is the name of a powerful woman with a lot of presence.
  4. Wallflower: (Leli) Another common name in Venezuela inspired by flowers, it means ‘charming woman’ or ‘sweet voice’ and comes from Arabic. Although it does not have a specific origin, it is a beautiful Venezuelan name for girls.

Did you like any of these beautiful names for girls with Venezuelan diminutives? I hope some of these inspire you and bet on a special and striking name like the Venezuelan culture.

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