The compassion. Educate children in values

The compassion. Educate children in values

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What is compassion? Compassion is a value that makes us more sensitive and more humane in the face of the difficulties and problems of others. It is a feeling of pity that one has towards the ills and misfortunes of other people.

It is necessary to teach the child to be compassionate in the face of illness, hardship, bad situations and other people's realities. How to educate children to be compassionate?

Parents as well as educators are primarily responsible for leading children to learn compassion. Follow some tips on how to educate them in compassion:

1- Children's stories are a good way to awaken feelings of compassion in children. We have the story "A rabbit on the track”, Which parents and educators can start with.

2- Parents should teach values ​​such as compassion, by example, being compassionate and visiting and company with a sick neighbor or friend, or grandparents.

3- Educators must also teach compassion by example, being compassionate towards students who have learning problems.

4- It is important to talk to children about compassion, about how fundamental it is to reach out to the person who has a disability or difficulty. That it is not enough to feel affliction or pain, that we must give help and assistance.

5- You also have to lead the children to feel compassion for those who beg on the streets, for those who have nothing to eat, for the animals abandoned and helpless ... and try to help them in some way.

6- It is advisable to work on compassion also in children's activities like the coloring pictures. Playing also learns. Coloring or painting pictures that reflect compassionate feelings and attitudes can help children internalize this value.

7- In games, children can also awaken feelings of compassion towards disappointment and frustration felt by those who lost the game, as well as those who fell or those who could not, due to some impediment, participate.

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