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Find out at once which is the best month to get pregnant

Find out at once which is the best month to get pregnant

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The first question that comes to mind after deciding that you are going to have a child is what is the best month to get pregnant, true? If you think about it, there is no ideal time, you will always see something good and something not so good, such as the cold of winter or the suffocating heat of summer, work and professional projects, the family trip that you took a while planning ... That is why any moment becomes perfect to think about being one of the family.

In our site We have proposed to help you to find your best moment to be parents. And for this, we have prepared a complete guide on what it's like to get pregnant in each month of the year. This will make it easier for you to plan your pregnancy.

It seems that it does not matter, but in truth starting pregnancy in a specific month changes everything. Let's see, then, what it would be like to stay in condition each month and let's also see a series of calculators to try to conceive when you want. Do not lose detail that will surely be of great use to you.

1. What is it like to get pregnant in January
The year begins and with it your pregnancy. The Christmas holidays are behind us and you will be able to be calm to think of yourself and prepare everything you need for the baby's arrival. The first trimester of pregnancy will be from January to March, the second will go from April to June and the third trimester from July to September. The approximate delivery date: October. What joy! Find out more about what it means to get pregnant in January.

2. Getting pregnant in February, the good and not so good
If you stay healthy in February, your baby will be born in November, very close to Christmas, so you will live a most endearing time. February is an ideal month to receive the good news, just have your clothes ready depending on the weather and lean on yours for everything you need. We tell you more about what it is like to start pregnancy in the month of February.

3. What is it like to conceive in the month of March
March is the month you have chosen to start the great adventure of your life, perfect! If everything goes according to plan, you will have your child in your arms in December. Can you imagine that it arrives as a gift from Santa Claus? Getting pregnant in March seems like a good idea, but you know all the details about the pregnancy that started this month.

4. Getting pregnant in April, how will I feel?
If conception occurs in April, you are going to feel overwhelmed and super happy at the same time. You are going to spend the second trimester of pregnancy in the summer, just from July to September, so have the necessary maternity clothes ready and, if you are in a city where it is very hot, drink a lot of water and avoid going out at central hours of the day. Your baby will be born in January with the new year, what a joy!

5. The good thing about staying in state in May
May, the month of flowers, is a very nice month to say that in nine months you will be one of the family. If you suffer from a seasonal allergy, talk to your doctor about the best remedy. The due date will be February.

6. Getting pregnant in June, congratulations!
If your pregnancy begins in June, the first trimester will be from June to August, the second from September to November and the last from December to February, the approximate delivery date will be March. Remember to have everything you need ready for when you have to go to the hospital and when you get home with your baby.

7. What is it like to conceive in the month of July
If you are in a city where the summer is hot, you will have the option of cooling off in the sea water or the pool, it sounds good, right? If you take a good look at the calendar and adjust dates, you will discover that your baby will be born in April, a month as good as the rest that will undoubtedly become your favorite. We tell you more details about what it will be like to get pregnant in July.

8. What is it like to stay in state in August
There are good and not so good things to conceive in August, like the weather or the summer holidays, but you will see all of them from the best point of view because of the good news. The approximate due date will be in May.

9. Your pregnancy begins in September
And he does it with the return to the routine, ideal to focus and think about you and your little one. If it goes according to plan, the first quarter will be from September to November, the second will go from December to February and the third from March to May. The due date will be in June. Your dream has come true! Find out what it means to receive the good news of pregnancy in September.

10. October will be when your pregnancy begins
If you decide to get pregnant in October, the first trimester of pregnancy will be from October to December, the second will go from January to March, and the third from April to June. That is, it begins almost at the end of the year to end when summer begins, you will give birth in July. How exiting!

11. What is it like to get pregnant in November
If you and your partner are clear that you want to be parents and that you would love the pregnancy to begin in November, you should know that it is possible, you just have to adjust the dates well. When August arrives you will be able to hold your little one.

12. What is it like to conceive in the month of December
If you choose the month of December to start your pregnancy, you will have chosen a very emotional month for the Christmas holidays and family gatherings. Just avoid the typical binges of these dates that are not going to do you any good. September will be when you give birth and hear the phrase congratulations dear mom!

We have talked all the time about what it is like to get pregnant just in the month that you have chosen, but what we have not done yet is talk about how to conceive exactly on that date. You already know that many times it is not as simple as it seems ... Let's look at two very useful calculators to get rid of doubts.

- Ovulation calculator and fertile days
With it you will know exactly when the fertile days of the month are, that is, when you are ovulating, in order to program relationships and stay in a state when you want the most. There are usually 14 days that go from the day you ovulate, your fertile days, until the next menstrual period. So if you subtract 14 days from the total number of days in your cycle, you will get the approximate day you ovulate. If it is not entirely clear, enter the first day of your last period into the calculator. You already have the answer you are looking for!

- Due date calculator
The second calculator that we want you to know is the one for the due date. If you get pregnant in a specific month, you only have to count the nine months to know the due date, but if you want to go further and also know the approximate day, you only have to enter the first day of your last period in this calculator. Surely you stay much calmer.

Congratulations dear mom!

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