The reason babies smile while they sleep

The reason babies smile while they sleep

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If there is something that any parent drools with, it is their child's smile, something that relaxes us and, in turn, makes us feel full happiness. When this act that newborns perform manifests itself while they are sleeping, speculation does not take long to appear. Do Babies Dream? Do you have positive and / or negative thoughts during your break? Why is this tender gesture depicted on his face? We tell you why babies smile while they sleep and how this smile evolves as they grow.

The smile, together with the cry, are two communication mechanisms of the smallest of the house. A very particular situation in the smile of babies is the fact that in the first days of life outside the womb, it can be observed that they smile when they are asleep, generating concerns about the reason for this smile.

Some common responses in the family are that 'he is dreaming of something beautiful', 'he dreams that he is still in the womb', 'he dreams of his guardian angel', 'he dreams of father God'. Within what is known as pediatric literature we can find references with terms such as' first smile ',' dream smile ',' smile of angels' or 'angelic smile0.

Indeed, the smile is a facial contraction that is formed from the movements of the muscles that surround the eyes and mouth to express a pleasant sensation. However, in newborns, this smile while sleeping is a reflex, involuntary act and without any express intention to communicate something or to please whoever is watching it at the time. It can appear in cycles of 60–90 minutes after the baby has fallen asleep, when his body is relaxed, but there is intense activity in the central nervous system.

It can even occur, from the last weeks inside the mother's womb, known as a fetal smile (ultrasound or ultrasounds performed on pregnant women, from seven or eight months of gestation, confirm the presence of facial expressions of smile in the fetus). This activity is also not conscious, it is an automatic reflection of your muscles.

Scientific studies have determined that the human being begins to store memories in his memory since he is in the mother's womb, so it is not unreasonable to think that these smiles, involuntary and without any intention, may be due to feelings of well-being experienced in the mother's womb or in the present moment, like feeling clean, satisfied in her diet and in a pleasant rest, so we must take them as an indicator that the baby is feeling well.

What there is no doubt about is the happiness and pleasure that parents see in their babies those first smiles, so this beautiful gesture should be enjoyed to the fullest.

As the little one grows up, around the first month, the smile stops being an involuntary movement and also occurs when he is awake, beginning to be a response to external stimuli, such as tactile sensations (tickling), visual sensations (dad's faces and mom or close people) or pleasant sounds (soft voices or music) and thus initiating other stages of their smile, with different motivations.

Since then, the baby's smile takes on another connotation and becomes a 'social' smile that begins to be used as a conscious and voluntary communication mechanism.

This smile should be stimulated with games, toys and objects of their interest and, above all, it is very important that this smile receives a response from their parents and those who are by their side, in a way that strengthens their confidence. becoming a means of affective communication with their environment and good humor is reinforced in their behavior, contributing to their psychosocial development.

These changes in the baby's first smiles are very significant, since they indicate the normal functioning of your brain, so you must be very aware of this behavior and if you have any doubts, take the baby to be evaluated by your pediatrician.

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