The dangerous choking game returns to schools

The dangerous choking game returns to schools

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The game of suffocation is not something new, but it seems that it has become fashionable again. It consists in that, whether they are your colleagues or yourself, they drown you for a few minutes until loss of consciousness, with the aim of challenging yourself, or experiencing new emotions.

It is a practice really dangerous, that has caused many deaths in different countries of the world, and from which we must prevent children from serious consequences.

We explain what the Choking game and consequences it can have in children.

The school of my daughters is not a conflictive school, the children are children of parents with a medium cultural level, some with more and others with less money, some with broken families and others with traditional families, come on, what we could define as children from a middle city neighborhood.

However, last week one of my 8-year-old daughters came to tell her that my head hurt a little, and that maybe it was because she had played with her classmates a very "curious" game - according to her own words - in which a classmate pressed her by the neck against a wall until "everything turned black and fell to the ground". She says it was a few seconds, that she immediately woke up, but she saw colored dots and felt dizzy.

The “choking game” had become very popular with the children in her class, and each of them wanted to experience that. feeling dizzy and fainting, drawn by their curiosity towards the unknown and new experiences.

Apparently, sometimes the game has gone a bit further, and there have been children who, being alone at home, have wrapped towels around their necks causing death unintentionally.

This practice is not new, I remember myself playing with other friends in my class 30 years ago, and feeling that dizzy feeling that ended with a momentary loss of vision, and everyone's laughter afterwards. It was not considered a dangerous game, but not only that, it is more, sometimes the game consisted of press the chest with a sharp blow to take the player's breath away.

The fact is that, according to a study, it is estimated that in the United States, more than 20% of children have played these games at some time, and there is a not inconsiderable percentage of children who have suffered neurological damage and even death, getting confused sometimes like suicide cases.

In this game you are depriving the brain of oxygen, with which several consequences may appear:

  • waste of memory short term
  • Difficulty concentrating, caused by the death of a large number of neurons
  • Miscellaneous brain damage and neural problems forever
  • Convulsions
  • Fainting, coma, and death
  • Fractures caused by fainting or loss of consciousness

Must put children on alert about the serious consequences that this game can have. If we do not want to ask openly about it, we should observe some clues that they may have played the game at school such as: bloody eyes, bruises on the neck or red marks and severe headaches.

It is also convenient notify the school so that teachers are attentive so that these games that can end death are not practiced.

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