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The confusion of Mergalcastillo. Children's tale with an unexpected ending

The confusion of Mergalcastillo. Children's tale with an unexpected ending

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There are situations that make children and adults laugh. What if nothing was as we believe? What if that person was not the one we think? This children's tale, which has an unexpected endIt will amuse children a lot and, in addition, it will make them reflect on mistakes and errors. Its titled "The confusion of Mergalcastillo" and it is starred by neighbors who are willing to do almost anything to get what they want the most.

The inhabitants of Mergalcastillo, a small town in the mountains, they had spent everything that was in the municipal coffers to receive Don Gregorio. They had waited weeks for that day to come. Everyone went to receive the billionaire with their best smile, a gift and a sumptuous meal: croquettes, rolls, patés, assortment of Iberian, salads, fish and meat with potatoes; to finish orange hemisphere with nougat ice cream; all washed down with red wine, water and coffee and infusions.

With the comfort that comes from having a full stomach, they thought it appropriate to raise their wishes, but the guest asked to play cards and they had to postpone talking about the subject until later.

After a long hour of play, which of course the newcomer won, they again tried to start a conversation to ask what they wanted so much, but he asked to play another trick; And since nobody wanted to contradict the rich man, they threw another game.

All of Mergalcastillo were aware of the game, which needless to say, won the same as before.

They spent the afternoon between games, laughter and jokes and had not yet had the opportunity to ask the rich man what they wanted so much: a new sports center for the people.

After five in the afternoon the guest looked at his watch, got up from the table in a hurry and thanking everyone, with his gift under his arm, ran out the door.

- Wait a minute, Don Gregorio! someone yelled.

But the guest without paying attention continued on his way to his car.

- Don Gregorioooo! - They all shouted, fearing that he would leave without having heeded his claims.

The guest turned puzzled.

- Is to me? - said -my name is Jacinto.

And they all put their hands to their heads.

To be sure that the children have understood this children's story, ask them these reading comprehension questions.

1. How do the inhabitants of Mergalcastillo spend their money?

2. What did the rich man want to do after eating?

3. What did the neighbors want?

4. How does the story end?

5. Let your imagination run wild! How would you end the story?

Did you like this story? In our site We have many more stories that will make you laugh, have fun, learn, play ... And reading stories all together has many benefits, for children but also for parents.

- Build memories for the future
The moment of reading, if it is fun and positive, will become a very beautiful memory that both children and adults will treasure forever. In some way, the characters of your favorite stories will accompany you forever.

- Stimulates children's imagination
Children's creativity has no limits and when we read a story with them we are giving them wings to fly through all corners of their imagination.

- Improves the bond between parents and children
Reading to children while they are on the tummy is an excellent way to strengthen the bond that already binds you. But after birth, reading can still be a very strong and powerful bond. Enjoy it very much!

- Works the ability to concentrate
When we read a story with our children they are practicing their attention span. Therefore, it is a great activity for the more restless children.

- Children acquire vocabulary
There is no doubt that when children read stories they know new words that they learn to incorporate into their vocabulary. In addition, when reading they work memory in addition to noticing and memorizing how the different words are written.

- We transmit values ​​and learn what emotions are
Through the stories we tell them, children can learn to identify and name the different emotions, we teach them which behaviors are right and which are wrong, we transmit some very important values ​​such as generosity, empathy and solidarity ... AND all this learning occurs through a funny story that gets their attention.

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