How to explain Gay Pride Day to kids

How to explain Gay Pride Day to kids

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In June, as every year, the Gay Pride's day, a date on which the LGTBI collective annually publicly commemorates its fight for equality and non-discrimination. Your children will see on television or in the streets the march, the parades and the cultural activities that are organized around this date and depending on their age, they will probably ask you what Gay Pride Day is. We give you some clues to approach this matter naturally and explain to children what Gay Pride Day is.

To begin to address this issue, tell them that a few years ago in some countries same-sex relationships were prohibited. It was unthinkable that a non-heterosexual couple could expose themselves in public. Tell them that even today in 72 countries sexual relations between people of the same sex are criminalized and in eight of them it is punishable by death.

Pride Day is celebrated on June 28 because that day in 1969, in a pub with homosexual clientele in New York, the police raided and from there began a series of demonstrations and protests against the repression and in favor of of the rights of the homosexuals. Since then, a movement began to be created to give each other support, create bonds of union and fight for equality, until the celebration became a massive party.

What does LGTBI mean
In fact, Gay Pride Day has been extended over the years to International LGBT Pride Day, the acronym for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals.

Pride is the self-esteem or esteem that each person has of himself as worthy of respect or consideration. And this is what is demanded that day, visibility, normalization and respect and consideration.

Explain to your children that no person should be ashamed of who they are, whatever their sexual orientation, and that they should not treat anyone differently because of their emotional condition. Tell them that they should treat all people the same. Educate them in diversity and respect for others and so that they never exclude anyone for this reason.

What is being gay
The ideal is to answer this question with a very simple argument. Tell them that being gay means that a man is attracted to another man or that a woman likes another woman.

The symbols
On Pride week your kids will see rainbow flags in the streets. If they ask you what they mean, you can tell them that it is the flag that has been used since 1970 as a symbol of gay pride and that it was inspired by the song 'Over the rainbow', from the movie The Wizard of Oz, because it speaks of a better world Over the rainbow.

The flag includes eight colors, each with the following meanings: pink, sexuality; red, life; orange, health; yellow, sunlight; green, nature; turquoise, magic / art; indigo / blue, serenity; violet, spirit.

It is important that we talk with them, without taboos about homosexuality, because this can help them understand the broad society in which we already live, for example, avoid bullying towards some classmates in schools, since unfortunately, eight out of every ten children who say they like someone of the same sex are victims of bullying.

That is why it is important that we convey to them that they should never discriminate, isolate or insult these children who openly express their sexual tendency.

It is better that you explain it to them
Children learn about homosexuals and lesbians on television, at school, on the Internet ... But sometimes they do not have an adequate vision, depending on the source from which the information comes. For this reason, it is much better that we approach the subject at home in a natural way and responding to the concerns of our children by choosing the appropriate words for each age.

Collect information
It is also good that we ask them questions to find out what idea they have about Gay Pride Day and what is their opinion about it. This way we will know where and how they have been reported and what things we have to explain in order to offer them a truthful and simple explanation. Do not run away from their questions, because they will think that it is something that should not be talked about.

Addressing the doubts of our children is a way for them to feel important and better understand the world in which they live. We simply have to tell them that some people have suffered and suffer injustices due to their sexual condition and that is why they go out to the streets that day to demand solidarity and equal treatment for all.

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