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18 names composed with Pedro that sound good to call a baby

18 names composed with Pedro that sound good to call a baby

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Are you already sure what your baby's name will be? If you are reading this, you most likely have doubts, and choosing the name of your little one is not an easy task; Not only because of the wide range of names that exist, but also because it is a decision that must be pondered a lot, the name will accompany you throughout your life! So in order to make this task easier and more beautiful, we have prepared a compilation with the best names composed with Pedro. Why give your baby only one name if you can give him two? Compound names are back in fashion, now you just have to find your favorite. Let's go there!

Years ago it was customary to give a compound name to babies, more due to the fact that one of those names was that of the father or the grandfather, a tradition that fell into disuse decades ago, something that seems to be beginning to change again. Do you also want to choose a compound name for the baby you are expecting? Would you like that name to include Pedro? Perfect! Then read the list that we have prepared out loud, the one that makes you smile the most will be the one chosen.

And this reminds us, when read the compound name aloud do it followed by the surname To see how it looks and try to also say its possible diminutives and the first and second names separately. You have to like all the combinations for the success to be perfect.

Before we dive right into the list of possible nicknames for your baby, let's see in detail what is the origin and meaning of the main name: Pedro.

Pedro is a Spanish masculine name that has its origin in the Latin name Petrus or kefas which means 'stone'. This Latin nickname is cognate, that is, it has a common source, from the Greek name Πέτρος (Petros). As you may have already noticed, Pedro is a very common name in Spain and in many regions of Latin America. If we take a look at the holy Bible, we discover that Saint Peter was a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Messiah told him 'you are a stone, and on this stone I will build my church'. His saint is celebrated every February 21.

As for the personality and character that is attributed to the men who have this name, we can say that it is a nickname that is related to strength and perseverance. Those who call themselves that do not give up easily in the face of difficulties. What's more, they always tend to get everything they set out to do. At the same time, They are usually pleasant, funny people with a great sense of humor. Do you know someone named Pedro? Surely it matches the description we are making, and it sure is also a person who tries to make those who are by his side happy. So are those who bear the nickname Pedro!

Let's see below the list of compound names that begin or end with Pedro and that will be perfect to call your baby. How exciting!

1. Pedro Abad
Compound masculine name that has its base in the monastery belonging to certain Christian religious orders. Did you know that Pedro Abad is a Spanish municipality in the province of Córdoba, Andalusia? Without a doubt a name full of meaning.

2. Pedro Abel
According to the Bible, Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve, later killed by his older brother Cain, which is why this name is associated with righteousness and innocence. It has its origin in Latin although its etymology is disputed, its meaning is 'breath, steam, breath, ephemeral, vain, slight'.

3. Pedro Abraham
Abraham is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that has its variant in Spanish. According to tradition, Abraham was a patriarch of the people of Israel where he received the promise of being the father of 'generations like the stars'. Its meaning is 'father of many multitudes'. Without a doubt a name composed for children with an overwhelming personality.

4. Pedro Abundio
Abundio is a name that is not heard much so it is excellent if you want to avoid common nicknames. Of Latin origin, it also has its variant in Spanish. It comes from the Latin Abundius, which in turn derives from the postclassic adjective abundus, which means 'abundant, copious'.

5. Pedro Alan
The meaning of Alan points to a Celtic origin: 'handsome'. However, another theory states that this name for boys comes from the Germanic term 'alun' which means 'harmony, grace'. Do you like the sound behind the nickname Pedro? This can be your choice!

6. Pedro Tomás
Name for boys that comes from 'thoma or theoma' and which means 'twin'. If we delve into his story we see that the apostle Thomas was known for his unbelief, he did not believe the resurrection of Jesus until he showed him the wounds. A very important name in history is Santo Tomás de Aquino, patron saint of the students.

7. Pedro Damian
Damien is a nickname of Greek origin, it means 'tamer, devoted to worship'. Drift of Damia (Cibeles). It has always been said that they are determined people who like to always keep things under control so that everything goes according to plan.

8. Pedro Antonio
Antonio is a very common masculine name in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Of Greek origin, it derives from Antonius (in Latin), which was interpreted as 'he who faces his adversaries and is brave'. Pedro Antonio looks great followed by a short last name.

9. Pedro Alexander
Alexander is the Anglo-Saxon variant of Alexander. It has its origin in the Greek Alexándros, which in turn is composed of two terms: Alexein, (to protect), and ἀνδρός, (man). Therefore its meaning is 'The protector of men'.

10. Pedro Rafael
Rafael is a nickname for males of Hebrew origin; means 'God has healed or God's medicine'. It has a purely biblical origin, did you know that one of the most important archangels is known by this name?

11. Pedro David
David is a masculine name that comes from Hebrew and was written 'דָּוִד' and that began to become famous thanks to the scriptures of the Bible. It means 'the person chosen by the lord'. It's a classic nickname that never goes out of style.

12. Pedro José
José, as you surely know, is a biblical proper name of Hebrew origin 'Ioseph or Iosephus', which means 'Yavhé has erased, Yavhé add'. It also has a long tradition in Spain and Latin America and it sounds the most beautiful if Pedro goes first.

13. Pedro Enrique
Enrique is of German origin, in particular he comes from the German 'Heinrich', from 'haim' (abode, house, country) and 'rich' (boss, leader), so if it means' Master of the house or Head of the homeland'. A name that transmits peace and energy.

So far we have seen proper names for boys that begin with Pedro, we will see below the compound nicknames in which the middle name is Pedro. Will one of them be the one you put on your baby?

14. Angel Pedro
Angel is a name for boys that comes from the Greek word 'Ággelos' and which means 'messenger'. People who have this name are characterized by a kind and sweet personality.

15. Juan Pedro
Juan is a masculine name that means 'full of the grace of God, the man who is faithful to God', it has its origin in the Hebrew 'Yôḥānnān'. Those who bear the compound name Juan Pedro are usually responsible and affectionate.

16. Luis Pedro
If we break down the etymology of Luis we see that it refers to two terms, the first 'Hlod' (illustrious) and the second 'Wig', (combat or battle). We can then say that the meaning of Luis is 'enlightened in battle'. They are fighters and benevolent people.

17. Aaron Pedro
Aaron has its origin in the Bible, as he was the older brother of Moses. Its etymology is Hebrew and means 'enlightened, mountaineer or mountain man'. Aaron Pedro is a name that is heard a lot lately.

18. Adolfo Pedro
Adolfo's own name comes from the German 'Athalwolf, Adalwolf', which is made up of the union of the terms 'Athala', (noble) and 'wulf', (wolf). It means 'fierce warrior, indestructible power'. They are happy, fighting people with an overwhelming personality.

Did you like the proper names for boys with Pedro that we have shown you? If you still have doubts about which one to choose for your baby, read them again followed by the surname and understanding its meaning well, surely now you find the perfect choice.

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