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Keys of a mother to spend happy holidays with children and family

Keys of a mother to spend happy holidays with children and family

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Summer has arrived! And with him, the holidays. During the winter, many of us live in 'automaton mode'. And it is that the routine of the day to day hardly leaves us time to listen to ourselves. How many times have we not said in the past months that 'I will do this on vacation because I don't have time'? Well, now is the time. It's time to enjoy ourselves and let the best version of ourselves flow and, above all, spend a happy vacation with children and family full.

And here the big question arises: can you have a happy and calm holiday with children? The answer is a resounding yes. Obviously we have to continue taking care of them and attending to them, but if we apply some tricks the whole family will end up finding their own space of serenity.

Preparing backpacks for the beach, smearing the little ones with cream, becoming beach watchers, getting the children out of the water, trying to keep them on a balanced diet, coping with summer whims, fighting heat-induced tantrums ... Yes , all this is also part of the holidays. And the thing is, it is not about projecting an idyllic image, but about being realistic and knowing how to enjoy what we have to the fullest. And there we are, to overcome any adversity and make this summer the best of our lives.

My mantra to achieve this is to repeat myself many times that of 'I'm on vacation and I'm not in a hurry'. And the first thing we have to do is forget about the clock. We no longer have to run to get to school, nor do we have to excuse ourselves for being five minutes late at work because we missed the bus, nor try to negotiate a quick snack with our son to get to after school, nor balance schedules and logistics with all the family so that someone can stay with our little one when he gets sick ...

Take a deep breath! The sun is still on the horizon. There's time. Now our priority is to do nothing. You have to relax and take things easy. At first it is difficult, because we live in a rush, but the body is wise and quickly gets used to the good.

Here are some tips that, summer after summer, I put into practice with my family and we all go home happy and strong to face a new winter. What are your favorites?

1. Break with the routine
It is important that we have some activities scheduled by the whole family, because it is always good to have on the horizon the feeling that we still have "plans" to do. And if in winter, the cold and the rain make us hide indoors, I propose that in summer the street and the natural and open spaces are the protagonists.

2. Alternate exercise and relaxation
If we use the mornings to enjoy the beach and the sunsets to ride a bike, we can leave the central hours of the day to rest with board games. And if the little ones are no longer so dependent, here we can establish an hour or two a day so that each one can enjoy their favorite hobby.

3. Banish technologies
It is time to lift your head from your mobile. This notice is for both parents and children. Nothing so important happens in the world as our own rest. We must also create spaces for conversation with our children and give ourselves time to discover and surprise ourselves. My proposal is to change the mobile for a good ice cream in our hands and talk while looking into our eyes.

4. Propose us a challenge
Each member of the family must learn or improve some skill. This is very useful to stop hearing in our children the typical phrase of 'I'm bored'. Depending on the age of our offspring we can bet on learning to dive, ride a bike, cross stitch ... If the challenge is overcome at the end of the summer we can offer a prize.

5. Changing roles
I call it the ‘Summer Carnival’, for being who we are for a day. Kids love being empowered. All year long they are listening to our advice, our rules and limits, because their day has come, because if they are happy and happy, we will be even more so. Today they are in charge, but don't worry, the world will not stop turning because for a day it is in their hands. Here they decide everything. If you prefer to go to the beach or the mountains or not, what do you eat that day? broccoli and peas), whether or not to take a nap, if we go for a walk… Parents have to relax, let ourselves go and enjoy their organization (or disorganization).

6. Bring out the child in us
For me it is the key par excellence. If we want to enjoy our children, the best plan is to join their imagination. Forget what will come next and give everything in the moment. If you have to make the croquette in the sand, it is done. If we are already dry to go to eat but we want to take one last dip, it is done. How many times have we not regretted not being able to be children again? Well, with the help of our little ones, it can. And the best thing is that we, the parents, are the ones who earn the most doing it.

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