Smoking marijuana in pregnancy is a real threat to the baby

Smoking marijuana in pregnancy is a real threat to the baby

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If someone asks you: Is smoking marijuana in pregnancy dangerous? It is very likely that, without being a health professional, you dare to venture that yes, it has to be dangerous for the little one inside the belly. Or at least that's what I thought.

And it is that, if drinking a glass of wine is completely inadvisable, how could consuming marijuana not be. Well, from what it seems and according to the experts, until now there has not been any large, controlled and contrasted study that would give a resounding answer to this question. At present, new research comes to refute our assumptions: it is a real threat to the baby.

The study we are talking about is the one published in the Journal of the American Medical Association under the title 'Association Between Self-reported Prenatal Cannabis Use and Maternal, Perinatal, and Neonatal Outcomes' (2019, Daniel J. Corsi et al). To reach the conclusions, more than 660,000 women who gave birth in Ontario (Canada) between 2012 and 2017 have been studied, comparing similar profiles to make the data more reliable.

As Explained, Smoking Marijuana During Pregnancy increases the risk of having a preterm birth. In addition, it increases the likelihood that the baby will be smaller for his gestational age. Therefore, the chances that the child will have to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are greater when the mother is a smoker.

Although these data are alarming, should continue studying on the subject to answer questions such as: Are the results different depending on what stage of pregnancy you smoke? Does it affect the way this drug is consumed? What consequences does it have for the child when he grows up?

One of the data that is also worth highlighting from this research refers to the relationship between tobacco and marijuana. This study also concluded that marijuana users are more likely to smoke tobacco, which is also very dangerous for the baby.

Given this relationship established in this study on the relationship between women who smoked marijuana and tobacco, below we talk about some of the serious damage it can cause during pregnancy.

And it is that, although many will have been scandalized when imagining a pregnant woman smoking cannabis (something that some do to avoid nausea), they will see more normal smoking tobacco during these 9 months. However, tobacco (which many also consider a drug) it is also very dangerous:

1 According to studies, children of smoking mothers tend to be more restless and irritable.

2 According to experts, tobacco is also associated with babies born low weight.

3 In the same way, it is also necessary to speak of a higher rate of prematurity in the babies of mothers who have smoked during gestation.

4 Some experts link tobacco with the baby's risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

5 Babies of pregnant smokers can develop an abstinence picture at birth.

6 Also more likely malformations congenital of babies.

7 The risk of miscarriage or the baby being born lifeless is higher.

8 In addition, it is also not advisable to smoke if you are breastfeeding since, although the dangerous ingredients of which cigarettes are composed do not pass into the blood in very large quantities, it is possible that the baby becomes a passive smoker for breathing the smoke generated by his mother.

Given the data provided by the different studies, and the recommendations that your doctor has probably made you, the most appropriate thing to do seems to stop smoking (whatever way you do it) if you are thinking about getting pregnant or if you already are. It will be good for your baby's health, but also yours; during and after pregnancy.

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