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Saint Ignatius Day, July 31. Names for boys

Saint Ignatius Day, July 31. Names for boys

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Ignacio is a name for a boy of Latin origin which means 'born of fire'. It is a name of exceptional beauty endowed with a special force that can be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Ignacio once again gains popularity for being a very attractive family name, capable of maintaining the tradition without sounding old-fashioned. Celebrate your name day on July 31, which is the day of San Ignacio. Do you want to know more curiosities? Keep reading!

Traveling through time to try to find the origin of this name is a bit complicated, because there are several theories around its etymology. For one thing, some suggest that it was already a name that existed in the 1st century in Antioch. Another slope takes us to the island of Rhodas, in Greece, and that this name was originally known as Ignêtes. Finally, there are those who point to its origin in Latin and, specifically, in Ignatius.

It may help you to choose the name of the baby the height of the personalities that have carried and bear the name of your child, from San Ignacio de Loyola to the writer Ignacio Aldecoa or the painter Ignacio Zuloaga. All of them faithful representatives of the creative and intellectual capacity that the Ignacio name grants.

But we know more representatives of your child's name within the world of the arts, like the prestigious dancer Nacho Duato. In addition, the music has such renowned figures as the Asturian singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas and the one who was a component of one of the most successful musical groups, Nacho Cano, from Mecano.

The name Ignacio is known throughout the world thanks to the Latin tradition. We especially like its variants in Catalan, Ignacio and in French, Ignace, as well as its diminutive Nacho. There is no shortage of people who connect your child's name with other very attractive names such as Íñigo and Iñaki. And the remnants of languages?

  • In German: Ignatius or Ignaz
  • In Breton: Ignas
  • In Czech: Ignàc
  • In Irish: Iognáid
  • In Slovenian: Gnacij
  • In Portuguese: Inácio
  • In Italian: Ignazio
  • In Polish: Ignacy
  • In Icelandic: Ignatíus

It is very common to hear or read the name of Ignacio alongside others as popular as this one. Do you want to know what are the best combinations both at the beginning of the name and at the end for Ignacio?

Ignacio ahead

  • Ignacio Luis. Very widespread name in France and it means 'victorious warrior'.
  • Ignacio Gabriel. Of Hebrew origin, it would be something like 'strength of God'.
  • Ignacio Joel. A very fashionable name in the last decades in Spain, it comes from Hebrew and means' God is his lord.
  • Ignacio Alonso. It is related to very brave and courageous children. Is it the case with your little one?
  • Ignacio Samuel. 'Heard by God' is the meaning of this masculine name of Hebrew origin.

Ignacio from behind

  • Jose Ignacio. One of the most popular combinations, since the name of Jose, the father of Jesus, is highly desired by new parents.
  • Pedro Ignacio. Coming from the Latin Pedrus, it means 'stone'.
  • Felipe Ignacio. 'Horse lover' is Peter's meaning.
  • Juan Ignacio. Juan's name, John in English, means 'The faithful to God'.
  • Alberto Ignacio. It is a contraction of AdaAlberto and means 'of brilliant nobility'.

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Just as several saints are celebrated in the same month, on the same day there are several onomastics that are celebrated. And, in this case, although the best known in San Ignacio de Loyola, they are celebrated:

  • San Calimero of Milan. It is said that he was one of the first bishops of Milan in the 2nd or 3rd century.
  • Saint Helena of Sweden. She was named a saint after the many miracles that were performed on her grave.
  • Saint Fabio of Mauritania. He refused to carry a flag at the time of the Roman Empire and was martyred as a consequence.
  • Saint Germain of Auxerre. He was bishop of Auxerre, in Gaul.
  • Saint Justin de Iacobis. This Catholic bishop died on July 31, hence this day has been chosen to remember him.
  • Saints Pedro Doàn Côn Quý and Manuel Phung. They were beheaded near Saigon for the mere fact of being Christians.
  • Saint Tertullin of Rome. He was a martyr in Roman times to Emperor Valerian.

Another way to know Ignacio is through the letters that make up the name, or rather, through the numbers that each of the letters and consonants of it keep. This is how adding each of them I (9), G (7), N (5), A (1), C (3), I (9), O (6), we discover that the digit that will accompany Throughout his life it will be the 4th. And what does it tell us about his personality and character? Of everything!

On the one hand, and starting with the positive things, it must be said that number 4 relates to people with great willpower and the desire to strive to achieve your goals. In this way, and step by step, they always reach their goal. In addition, they are usually children with many concerns, with a lot of desire to learn and discover new things and ... an overflowing imagination!

As for the negative traits, they are so hard-working and so methodical that it is difficult for them to get out of the norm, because that would mean being outside their comfort zone, something that really gives them panic. Perhaps that is why, many times, the people around them unjustly (everything is said) dismissed as unsocial or rather antisociable people. Working on this with your little one will be one of your main challenges as a mother. Ready?

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