The excursion to Segovia. A poem that invites children to dream

The excursion to Segovia. A poem that invites children to dream

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Segovia is a Spanish city, more or less in the center of the peninsula, which is full of charm in each of its corners. Its streets are so inspiring that when the group of children protagonists of this children's poem visited them, they could not help but dream a thousand and one stories of princesses, sailors and knights. Share with your children the verses of 'The excursion to Segovia' And imagine yourself how your life would be if you had been born in other times.

The children go to Segovia

it's sunny, a very clear day,

time will accompany.

Arriving at Azoguejo

and see the Aqueduct there,

everyone looks admired

they have been very impressed.

From Azoguejo to the square

they go down Calle Real,

until you get to the beautiful

and nice cathedral.

They have gone down to the Alcazar

and when discovering the castle,

a girl has imagined

be living another century.

that the pages their neighbors,

the whole court his school,

handsome prince, your friend.

And a child looks at the bow

of this singular ship,

that navigates between two rivers

without any fear of running aground.

The teacher looks at them

see their faces of emotion,

know what they are thinking

They walk around

the city streets,

and they keep imagining

a thousand stories, thousands more.

With his cape and a sword

another child guesses

and with a black horse

on a cobblestone walk.

And a blonde girl

leaning out of a window,

drops her ponytail

for your loved one to go.

Another child looks amazed

in the San Martín square,

that Juan Bravo winks

and laugh to see them coming.

Back on the bus

boys and girls, singing,

they return home happy,

happy, but tired.

This poem, in addition to being a precious and tender homage of the poet Marisa Alonso to Segovia (Spain), is a poetry that invites your children to dreamr, to imagine yourself as a princess, king, sailor ... Complementing the reading of the poems with other fun activities will make the experience more complete and entertaining. For this reason, we suggest some games that you can organize once you have read the poem.

1. Visit the city of Segovia
Do not be surprised if your child suggests you go on a day trip to Segovia to see the Aqueduct, the Alcázar, the Calle Real ... If one day you organize that plan, you could reread the verses in its streets. A great family experience!

2. Imagine that you are ...
This is a very fun game that you can practice as a family. You just have to imagine that you are from another era or another person and act as she or he would. For example, you can establish that you live in a castle from the Middle Ages and that you are all princes and princesses fighting dragons. Or maybe you could be astronauts who are traveling into space ... This game is a very interesting activity to promote the value of empathy since, by having to put yourself in the shoes of another, you will be exercising your ability to understand other people. Or maybe you prefer to be sailors who sail all the seas and oceans of the world? This is a game that has no limits!

3. Make up a poem about your city
Surely the city you live in, or any other that you have recently visited, is just as inspiring as Segovia. You can create a poem that talks about its squares, its inhabitants, its river, its monuments ... Instead of a poem, you can also write a story that passes through its streets or perhaps invent a simple song that talks about the city. When this activity is done as a family, each of the members can propose a different point of view, which ends up creating a very beautiful and tender story.

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