The bully cat. Play for children about bullying

The bully cat. Play for children about bullying

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Theater plays are a great pastime to do with the family or at school. With them the little ones have a great time, they learn new things and let their imaginations fly. And to all this we must add that if a play like the one we share here with you is chosen, the children will be learning a great lesson. Are you ready? Here it begins'The bullying cat ', the short play about bullying.

The plays in addition to a fun activity can be a lesson for boys and girls. This time we have written a script that talks about bullying and the consequences it has. As you are going to see below, the protagonists are farm animals, but if you want to represent it in class you just have to give each child a role. You'll see how well they do!

Work description: Once upon a time, there was a quiet farm where one fine day a little cat with very bad fleas arrived. He did nothing more than command each other while he spent the whole day lying in the sun. But how could it be otherwise, the other animals got down to work to develop a plan and give the cat what it deserves.

Characters: Cat (bully and bossy), Dog, Horse, Cow and Rooster. Adapt the script to include as many characters as you like.

Place of action in which the work takes place: A farm.

The curtain rises. The animals on the farm are seen chatting amiably.

Dog: What a wonderfull day! I think I'm going for a walk and then I'll sleep for a bit.

Rooster: You're right, I'd better go to sleep now, I've gotten up early and need a nap to recharge.

At that moment, Horse enters the scene, rushing to see his friends.

Horse: Guys, I just heard we have a new partner on the farm.

Everyone: (with a shocked face) Who is it?

Horse: It seems to me that it is a cat.

Cow: Well, he will have to be welcomed.

Cat appears on the scene.

Cat: Hi all. I see that you are very calm.

Rooster: Yes, it is almost nap time. How was your trip?

Cat: Well fine but I'm tired. I'm going to choose the best bed to get some sleep. (He goes inside the farm).

Dog: How rare is this cat! He hasn't even said hello and he's going to get the best bed.

Cow: You're right. I smell trouble!

The animals look worried. The curtain closes. End of first act.

The curtain rises. Nap time has passed. The animals are seen on the farm again.

Dog: As I was saying, yesterday while I was going for a walk I saw a very beautiful lake ...

Cat: (interrupts Dog) That's good for nonsense. A little silence so that no one thinks.

Cow: (with a surprised face) And what are you thinking about?

Cat: Well, I think about how I can make this little farm more comfortable for me. Horse, go and take some straw to put it in this other place.

Horse: (with sad face) Okay.

Cat: I like it that way. Hurry up! Rooster, stop eating I think and go get water.

Rooster: (scared) Okay, I'm going to get water.

Cat: That's better. Little by little I will make this my home. By the way Gallo, nothing to wake me up early tomorrow with your songs.

Cat walks away to look for some food.

Horse: This can not go on like this. You have to teach him a lesson.

Everyone: Yes!

They meet to hatch a plan and teach bully and bossy Gato a lesson.

The curtain closes. End of the second act.

The curtain rises. The animals are on the farm again.

Cat: (with a straight face) Cow, I want you to give me something to play with.

Cow: (walks away to get something and then comes back to Gato) Here is the water you asked for.

Cat: (throws the water on the ground) I didn't ask that! I said something to play!

Everyone: Cow is right, you asked for water.

Cat: (looks confused) It doesn't matter, I was wrong. Better give me something to eat.

Rooster: Here is what you asked to clean your legs.

Cat: This can not be! I'm going crazy!

Dog, Horse, Cow and Rooster glance at each other. His plan was working!

Cat: I can't go on like this, I think I have to find another farm.

Rooster: What do you want to take a bath?

Cat: (runs off terrified) I'm leaving! Goodbye!

All: We did it! Now we can be calm and happy!

And this is how this work ends in which we have learned that you have to treat others well.

The curtain closes. Time to clap!

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