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Ana and the mouse club. Story to brush your teeth

Ana and the mouse club. Story to brush your teeth

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In the morning, after eating, after a snack and before going to bed. The same story every day: your son who wants to brush his teeth. If it happens to you too, we have found a magic formula so that brushing teeth be one of your little one's favorite moments: the story of 'Ana and the mouse club'. Read it to him this afternoon when you get home and you will see how everything becomes easier.

Ana didn't want to brush her teeth. There was no way. After each meal there was always discussion. Not even with the promise that the cousins ​​would come to play in the afternoon. It was not no and Ana did not even want to go to the bathroom and when they did not see her she made all the toothbrushes of the rest of the family disappear.

Candy was forbidden and her mother had explained that the Tooth Fairy or her colleague, the Tooth Fairy, would not visit her when one of them fell out, because if the tooth was not very, very bright, they would not go to her. fourth at night to take him away in exchange for a surprise.

Every day that passed Ana was more angry. There were even days when he didn't even want to open his mouth to eat. But what nobody knew is that Ana was afraid. He didn't understand why you had to brush your teeth when your teeth were hairless. And she was afraid that if she started brushing her teeth, her hair would grow inside her mouth and eventually she would have to learn to make pigtails on her teeth.

But one morning, Ana woke up with a severe pain in her tooth. She tried not to tell anyone and she alone thought that if she put on a "magic band-aid," as her mother called them, it would pass. It didn't work. The tooth still hurt. Then she thought that the "magic kiss" that her mother gave her on the wounds before applying the band-aid was missing and, convinced that she needed a kiss from her mother on the bad tooth, she tried to devise a trick to get it.

Of course, her mother played with her to see who was the one who could give the most kisses. Also, if the kiss was in a less common place on the body, it scored double. Her mother soon noticed the scratch that the plaster left on her with every kiss she received from her little girl. There was no time for patience, or for more explanation or reasoning.

The next day Ana's mother planned an excursion. The little girl came to the Mouse Club by surprise. His friends armed with colorful toothbrushes were waiting for him. And with a dentist with the body of a mouse and the head of a fairy, he discovered that his mouth was always cooler if he washed his mouth; that on Saturdays he could eat some candy if he brushed his teeth, that the songs sounded prettier if he sang them after leaving his teeth gleaming, and most importantly, that he would never grow hair on his teeth from brushing them. Finally, Ana was ready to start brushing her teeth.

And now that your child loves to brush his teeth, you just have to show him what is the step by step so that this action has its benefits: a gleaming white smile and cavity-proof teeth.

1. Choose a toothbrush with a round head and soft bristles. If you want, to make it more attractive, you can buy it with a drawing of his favorite animated character.

2. Use a suitable paste. Best without fluoride up to six years of age.

3. Make smooth vertical movements (from top to bottom in the upper teeth and, conversely, in the lower ones), never horizontally because what you would achieve is to drag the dirt from one place to another in the mouth.

4. This action it has to last 2 minutes. So that your little one does not find it heavy, take the opportunity to brush your teeth too (your example will motivate him).

5. Don't forget the molars, an important part in the chewing process, and of the tongue. The latter can cause nausea or tickling, but they will get used to it and it's all for their good!

6. Finally, rinse mouth and ready!

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