6 very compelling reasons to enroll kids in choir classes

6 very compelling reasons to enroll kids in choir classes

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As Celia Cruz told us, 'Life is a carnival and sorrows are singing'. Singing in itself is an act of relief, liberation and healing of the soul, but what happens if instead of singing in the solitude of our room or our bathroom, we do it in a large group? Singing in a choir can be the solution to stage fright, stressful situations, tuning problems, shyness and breathing problems, among others. What if we enroll the children in choir classes?

From childhood to adulthood, singing in a choir has multiple benefits.

1. We work on the children's ability to work in teams
By participating in this situation, we are part of a large group that comes together to harmoniously do something great, the feeling of cooperation, teamwork and partnership take on great meaning.

Today's boys and girls are living in an increasingly individualistic society, which is why all games and team activities are essential for them to learn to listen to each other, to work in groups, to respect each other, not to sing / talk over the top. of the partner, to feel part of a whole, to realize that when the team strives, unites and impasses, there is no one to stop it.

In short, to realize that together we can do great things and that real interaction with other boys and girls is exceptional for our development.

2. Overcome the fear of exposing yourself to an audience
In addition, for the most shy it is a good way to learn to sing in public with the peace of mind of having the support of your group, knowing that they are being supported, sheltered and being aware that whatever happens, the group goes forward.

3. Helps to improve children's pitch
On the other hand, if we talk about technical problems, the tuning improves undoubtedly much more if you work with more singers than if you work in the solitude of your home. In order to sing with other voices, harmony is necessary, it is at that moment when searching for the tuning, the harmonics of the chord arrive and the famous phrase 'goose bumps' occurs. Anyone who has sung in a choir will know the priceless feeling I'm talking about.

4. Everyone can enjoy in a choir
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I highly recommend that you try to sing in a choir. The typical excuse of I have no ear, my son or my daughter cannot sing or music is not their best subject… it is totally fallacious! Nobody is born learned or with a developed ear. The ear, like everything, is educated. You can have more or less facility but nothing is impossible.

5. Children's respiratory system is strengthened
On the other hand, breathing is worked throughout all the trials, learning to control it, strengthening the entire respiratory system and core.

6. We help to control breathing
It is a great benefit for children since in general they do not usually teach us to breathe or to control it, so they can apply what they learn in chorus to their most emotional part, thus trying to control breathing and pulsations in attacks of rage or anger.

Many boys and girls learn to sing almost before they learn to speak. My advice is that you start together, parents and children. Nowadays there are already many professional or non-professional singing groups where you can go with your sons and daughters in choir. At the beginning, in the childhood stage it is a good way to do a different activity as a family, meet new people and strengthen family ties. From the first year of primary school, that is, at 5 or 6 years old, you can start singing in the school choir or in a choir group on weekends.

Singing in chorus will transform problems, haste and bad feelings, at least during rehearsal, into positive energy and 'goose bumps'.

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