4 more than essential premises to educate children successfully

4 more than essential premises to educate children successfully

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Raising children today is one of the most challenging learnings that we encounter as human beings. Parents try to educate children who are happy in the present, but also in the future; that they are able to get to where they want, that they base their day-to-day life on the different values ​​... But what are the keys to educating children successfully? For me, there are 4 premises that are more than essential to achieve it.

Trying to transmit our values ​​to children when they encounter conflicting values ​​in their environment is an arduous task that can only be done day by day. Thus, educating takes time. Time that is part of our daily planning and organization, and its combination with other tasks.

Accompany in the development of the character of our children through values, is without a doubt, the first premise to have successful children. Values ​​are the compass of our life, not giving this tool to our children will mean that on more than one occasion they feel lost and are influenced by people or circumstances that do not suit them.

And, when we talk about educating in values, we have to refer to concepts such as responsibility, generosity, example, empathy, etc.

Once we have taken care (and worried) about educating children in values, we must remember the second premise that will allow us to lead our children to success. This consists of accompanying children to develop their Emotional Intelligence, which makes us parents your emotional coaches.

To do this, you must take into account the following recommendations:

1. Observe the emotions of your children and take advantage of them to improve the relationship with them, talking about them. In this way, you will be expanding their self-knowledge.

2. Listen carefully to your child. This will be another way to validate your feelings. This will help them grow to be emotionally intelligent and responsible adults.

3. Talk about emotions and label them. Teach your children to use rich and long emotional language. To do this, you can use many tools: from everyday talks (talk about how you feel, what happened to you at work, etc.) to through stories, poetry or games.

4. Limits are another way of telling our children that we love them. Children depend on this orientation in both childhood and adolescence.

As a third premise, I invite you to help our children turn nouns like generosity, kindness, consideration, forgiveness, love or compassion, into action verbs. Show him how to practice them.

Actions speak louder than words. Children observe everything their parents do. Therefore, you must choose what you want to convey to them and give them samples that motivate them to follow in your footsteps. For better and for worse, we can never forget that our example has a great influence on our children.

Encourage the 'you can do it' attitude. Trust them and encourage them to try new ways of doing their tasks or carrying out their behaviors. Celebrate the successes and their good work with them.

And to finish, I would like to give you a phrase that, for me, is one of the most important keys to the education of our children: 'Beloved children, happy adults'. Record this premise well in your head.

And every day, take an action that makes your child feel loved by you. We are not referring to giving him a material gift, far from it. Emotional gifts are much more effective: a hug, a message of encouragement, a gesture that makes you feel special ... All this will provide you with security and confidence. But it will also teach you to love other children or adults.

There are no shortcuts to educating our children. The quality of time will not make up for the minimum amount needed. Take action! Start now!

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