When they told me my son was going to have a partner with autism

When they told me my son was going to have a partner with autism

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My son, who is now in second grade, has a classmate next door who has been diagnosed with autism. This year a new boy has come to his same class who also has autism to a much greater degree than the little one in the other class. What do I intend to tell you with this? Well, nothing more than talking to you, telling you about my experience when they told me that I was going to have a partner with autism and what was very reaction. In addition, I explain what I do to achieve inclusion from home and in class. What is your experience on these issues? Together you learn much more!

As I said before, my son goes to class A, in which there is a child diagnosed with ASD, so much so that he must have a private teacher by his side most of the time. In class B of the same course there is another child who also has this psychological disorder, we already knew this little boy because they started together in class since they were little.

What was the first thing I did when I learned that my son was going to have a new partner with autism? Maybe the same thing that you would do if you were in my place, look up information about autism. This is what I found.

Autism, in its abbreviation ASD, is a disorder characterized by an intense concentration of the person suffering from it in their inner world, which leads, little by little, to theloss of contact with the world around him. The main features of boys and girls with this pathology are:

- Social isolation.

- Difficulties to communicate.

- Language and concentration problems.

- Difficulty expressing your feelings.

- Obstacles to establish social relationships.

Why did I start looking for this information? You may wonder, because I did it with the aim of knowing a little more, to be able to talk to my son about it and to answer their questions and also to work at home on how we can relate to the little one so that he feels good, he thinks he was new to school, you know what that means.

The second thing I did when I found out that my son was going to have a classmate with autism was to start working on inclusion at home just like they do at school.

At school they have already done many wonderful things to try to make the new partner be one more. For example, on autism day they held a party, held workshops and worked on a sheet in which they detailed the characteristics of ASD, they also did another ideal thing, dismantled the myths that exist around this pathology. It was very useful for me to read that paper when my little one brought it home.

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On another occasion, they decided among the whole class the name of the room in which their partner was going to spend a few hours a day next to the specialist. When my little one got home he told me: 'Mom, today we have helped our friend to feel better. By the way, the name they gave the TEA classroom was 'the class of the suns'. How nice!

Where was he going ... Oh yeah! For inclusion at home. The only thing that occurred to me was normalize the situation, follow the line of the activities they do in class and talk about the new classmate as I do about the rest. Trust me, it's little things that go a long way.

And you? How do you deal with these issues at home? Tell me your point of view as a mother.

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