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24 popular names for girls in Peru with the most beautiful diminutives

24 popular names for girls in Peru with the most beautiful diminutives

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It is common to look for endless options and mark those possible candidates when choosing the best attractive, special and beautiful name for your future little one of the house. In we help you in this task and give you some ideas of names for girls popular in Peru. We have accompanied all of them with their most beautiful diminutives, as these can lead you to decide on one name or another.

The most popular names in the region of Peru are a combination of Andean, indigenous tradition and foreign inspiration, so we can find a very rich variety of options to choose a unique, attractive and beautiful name for girls, taking into account those that are most found in these beautiful lands of the ancient Inca empire of Latin America. And we do not forget their diminutives!

We start the list of Peruvian names with the most beautiful diminutives. Which one do you like the most for your daughter?

1. Elizabeth: (Eli / Liz / Lisa / Beth / Lizzie / Elisa)
Besides being one of the most popular names in Peru for girls, it is one of the names with the most diminutives in existence, so you have a great variety to choose from. This beautiful name is of Hebrew origin and means 'She was helped by God'. You have to also know that Elizabeth can also be found as Elisabeth on occasion.

2. Yelitza: (Yeli)
Another of the most frequent names in the Peruvian country, since it has an Aztec origin and means 'The door of heaven'. Since it can be difficult to pronounce, many parents choose to keep the diminutive Yeli.

3. Flavia: (Flavi)
It comes from the Latin Flavus which means 'Yellow' or 'Golden' and it used to be the name that was given to those who had blonde hair. It was a very popular name among the Roman dynasties.

4. Raysa: (Rai / Ysa)
This beautiful name for a girl has several origins, one of them is Hebrew whose meaning is 'Rosa' and the other positions this name as a variant of the Slavic name Ruth, which means 'The one who is loved'.

5. Mermaid: (Sire / Little Mermaid)
An incredible name relatively typical in Peru, so it is a very original option. This name has a Greek origin and its meaning is 'She who enchants'. A really beautiful name for girls.

6. Marisol: (Mari / sun)
This beautiful option is a combination of two names that over time evolved into one, therefore it has two meanings. Mari, as a diminutive of María, which means 'God's chosen one' according to her Hebrew origin Miriam. And Sun which comes from Latin and means 'She who shines'.

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7. Katia: (Kati)
This is a diminutive name from the traditional Russian name Ekatenina (whose version in Spanish is Catalina) and its meaning is that of 'Immaculate, innocent and young'. If we take this translation, we could say that another of the abbreviations of this name is Cata or Cati.

8. Melissa: (Meli / Lisa)
This beautiful name for girls has a Greek origin and means 'She who works like a bee' as a reference to the hardworking character of women. There are parents who prefer to write this name with only one s, that is, Melisa.

9. Stephanie: (Fani / Stef / Estefi)
This is one of the names most chosen by parents in Peru and in the rest of Latin America. It has its Latin origin as Stephania, whose meaning is 'Crown' or 'Garland'. This name is also the feminine variant of Stephen, Esteban in Spanish.

10. Gianella: (Gia / Giane / Nella / Ella)
An attractive name for girls that combines foreign influence with Peruvian popularity. This name is a variant of the original Latin name Gianna and means 'The grace of God'.

11. Magaly: (Maga / Aly)
This name is of Latin origin and is a proper feminine name meaning 'Beautiful stone', but this name is also referred to as a French Provençal form of the name Magdalena.

The Quechua or Quichua language, as it is also called, it is known for being an idiomatic group originating from the central and western regions of Peru millennia ago and its orthodox version even became the official language of the Inca Empire. By the 15th century this language branched out and spread, becoming a protolanguage that is currently spoken by approximately 10 million people.

An interesting fact about Quechua names is that in addition to having belonged to a great empire, it is that they are usually made up of a noun (which are mostly elements of nature) and an adjective (characteristic or a qualifier). And here we will show you the names for most beautiful girls and popular of this ancient language.

12. Illa
It is a graphic variant of Ylla and has several meanings 'The one that brings luck and luck' or 'The one of trust', but its original meaning is 'Light'. Do you know what other very popular name it shares meaning with? Indeed, with Lucia.

13. Illari
It means 'The sunrise that shines' in Quechua, which is a form of sun worship. Although this is a unisex name in this culture.

14. Killari
At the opposite extreme we have this beautiful name that means 'Moonlight', this time referring to our natural satellite.

15. Killasisa
It is one of the derivatives of Killa, but this time alluded to nature, since its meaning is 'Moon flower'.

16. Killa
This beautiful name means 'Moon' and can be used alone or as one of the previously mentioned variants.

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17. Yuriana
Another name with reference to the sky as it means 'Dawn' or 'Aurora'. It is also a graphic variant of Yoriana and Loriana. Yuri is often used as a diminutive.

18. Sami
It is a name for a girl that has several meanings 'Lucky, lucky, successful, happy and blissful' all related to good luck.

19. Yanay
Another female Quechua name, means 'My beloved'. Without a doubt, it is one of those names that they like for the beautiful meaning they convey.

20. Shaya
It means 'She who always stands firm' making a reference to strength and will. Do you like this name for your daughter?

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21. Haylli
It means 'The song of triumph' or 'The joy of victory', without a doubt a very powerful name for your baby.

22. Suyana
This is a beautiful name whose meaning is 'Hope'. Without a doubt, it is precious if you want your daughter to be forever marked by hope.

23. Aymara
A name that means 'She who always lives again' referring to immortality.

Which of these beautiful Peruvian names for girls is your favorite? Will you use one of Quechua origin?

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