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To your child or to the mobile phone. Who do you look at the most?

To your child or to the mobile phone. Who do you look at the most?

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One of the biggest struggles for parents is trying to find a positive and healthy balance to have time to spend with their children, to be able to work and, incidentally, and if it is not asking too much, to find a space for oneself. Every day more, this proposal becomes a challenge and more since new digital devices came into our lives. Have you ever stopped to think who you look at the most if your child or your mobile? And it is that new technologies make life much easier for us, but they also offer us many distractions and prevent us from relaxing and the balance is broken.

It appears, according to a survey conducted in the United States by the One Poll company, that there is a definite problem with the frequency with which parents look at their children in front of their phones, and it is something that we will probably all have to consider and, above all, begin to change for the good of all and if we want to build a united, solid family on a solid foundation.

Do you know how much time parents spend in front of their screens in relation to the time they spend interacting with their children? The reality is that, during 2019, we are much more connected to our phones than at any other time in history. This is not always a negative thing, obviously.

Our phones make it easy to stay in touch with each other and stay connected to what is happening in the world around us. It can also allow us to make arrangements (transfers, grocery shopping, medical appointment reservations), but again, life is about balance and not substituting one thing for another. That is why the following data is surprising:69% of those surveyed admitted that they feel 'addicted' to their mobile phones.

Parents who participated in the survey also reported spending almost as much time looking at their phones as they did at their children. On average, respondents noted that they spent around two hours and 17 minutes per day looking at their phones for reasons unrelated to their work. How much time do you spend looking at your children? About two hours and 41 minutes per day, according to the survey. So essentially that's a little over 20 minutes apart.

What do you think of the figure? Is it close to what you use with your mobile? Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they believed their mobile activity was taking up too much time, and an additional 74% reported that they were already concerned about how much time their children spent looking at screens in a day.

This study is not the first of its kind to infer that smartphones are leading to distracted parenting. A 2017 study published in Developmental Science found that young children whose parents reported spending more time on their phone suffered from a lack of 'social-emotional functioning' and tended to have fewer parent-child interactions.

Another international study conducted in 2015 by AVG Technologies found that children whose parents spent a lot of time on their phones felt they had to compete with technology to get attention.

Technology is simply a part of our daily life right now. Saying that you are going to turn around and stop using your phone may not be realistic, but maybe if we, as parents, limit our screen time it could help us manage a better balance and, incidentally, prevent our children become addicted to mobile phones and that when they become parents this time of two hours and 17 minutes goes up to three, four or five hours.

In these times it seems that more than once we associate leisure with digital devices: mobile, console, tablet, television ... All of this makes us depend on a woman called Wifi. Can you imagine what a day would be like without any of these devices? Although it is difficult for our children to believe, this was our childhood and that of our parents, so from We propose you to recover this spirit. Do you sign up for our plans without Internet?

- Day on wheels
Skates, scooters or bicycle, yes all with helmets. Each member of the family must choose their favorite means of transport because today we are going to travel the world on wheels. We will exercise, breathe fresh air and, most importantly, we will have a great time.

- Looking for your talent
What are you good at? And your husband? And the little ones in the house? It is time to prove it. Each of you must create a performance where it is shown what you are good at and then vote for the best of all.

- Afternoon board games
Prepare a good snack, because this afternoon we are staying at home playing the board games of a lifetime (Parcheesi, chess, goose) and those of more recent creation (party, monopoly). Don't stop the fun!

- Home theater session
Just as there are stories or fables that convey values, there are film titles that can contain a lot of lessons for our little ones. 'Dumbo', 'The Lion King', 'Finding Nemo', 'Gru, my favorite villain' or 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' are some of them.

- Paint or write
When a child stands in front of a blank paper, he brings out all the creativity he has in his head, so a good exercise is that you spend some time every day or if it is not possible for the weekend to paint as a family or even, to create a story among all. It will be very fun!

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