Devoted prayers to give thanks with children at Christmas

Devoted prayers to give thanks with children at Christmas

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Christmas! That magical period of the year in which all the streets are filled with joy, colors and characteristic smells. This is one of the happiest moments, because they give us gifts, we see our distant relatives again, we all have fun together, we enjoy delicious food ... There are many reasons to thank God at Christmas, right ? Therefore, we have brought you some devotional prayers to give thanks with the children on Christmas and bless the table on Christmas Eve.

Some people forget what Christmas is really about and the meaning it has had throughout history because, from very ancient times, it has been characterized as a celebration in gratitude to God to the prosperity of the year. However, today it seems that we only look at gifts. That is why we call for humility, gratitude and other very important Christmas values ​​to be restored.

This is a holiday where the most important thing for all of us to do is give thanks for what we have, the new achievements and the blessings received. Many of us perform this act of gratitude during Christmas Eve dinner, at which time we take the opportunity to bless the food that we are going to eat. But it is also possible to do it throughout the year through charity work or by giving away old belongings to those children who need it most. With this we manage to educate children in values ​​and teach them how important it is to be grateful.

A very moving anecdote typical of my Christmas is that as a child, my mother told all of us in our house to collect the clothes, shoes and toys that we no longer used to donate to the Church. One day we arrived with large bags full and the priest happily exclaimed 'Who says there are no Christmas miracles ?!' And it was such an inexplicably beautiful moment that to this day we continue to practice that little Christmas miracle.

If you want your little one to look at Christmas beyond the fanfare and toys, then you can do the following:

- Create decorations next to it and sell them in a bazaar or create a vintage or collection to collect funds for institutions or charitable and social projects.

- Visit the elderly, orphanages or soup kitchens with your little one to volunteer for a day.

- Help decorate the street with the neighbors or promote this idea in your community.

- Collect old clothes, toys and shoes in good condition or take non-perishable food to those who need it most.

- You can dress up as Santa and have your children be your helper elves, you can even take the rest of your family or friends, to make donations to specialized centers or people who need it and thus give them a fantastic Christmas day.

Blessing for the food during the Christmas dinner is a very significant act, as we are thanking the crops and the prosperity of the year, but the children may not understand it. Which is why it is recommended that you include them in dinner preparation, decoration, and prayers before dinner. In this way they will be able to understand the importance given to this celebration and they will be able to take it with them when they grow up.

Below we have compiled some devout prayers that you can pray to thank God andn Christmas.

A prayer for the joy of Christmas

Dear God, You are the joy to the world!

since you save us all and have made our history

you are the one who gives us fun and happy moments.

And as we prepare for this dinner,

we also prepare our hearts

so they look like yours.

Thank you for making us smile every day,

thanks for so much joy,

that's why we want to sing praises

so that everyone knows the happiness you have given me and my family

Please keep filling our table,

as well as the table of others,

I will pray every night to thank you

and so everyone can see how happy we are for you.

Thank you for your kindness and joy throughout this year.


Prayer for Christmas Memories

Lord, loved and appreciated by everyone at this table

We thank you for the moments that we managed to share

but above all for being here as a family.

I thank you for the memories we have created at this table

And for all those that we have not done yet.

We are filled with joy when we wake up and see the sparkling Christmas tree

and the little Bethlehem in the corner of our home.

We have really enjoyed the carol songs

on this December date.

Thank you for giving me a wonderful family

and some impressive Christmas memories

that we have enjoyed and have made us laugh

and be more united than ever.

That's why sir, we meet today at this table

to thank you and bless these foods

and to ask that you continue to give us blessings

and let us thank you every day.

But above all we thank you

for letting us create a new memory today


How to bless the Christmas Eve table

Bless, Lord, our table on this night of light.

All of us who are here today thank you

a lot a lot a lot

for these foods and for being together again

Thank you for the daily bread

and for all that we have accomplished this year.

Thank you for always bringing hope,

we ask you to fill this table with good things

with prosperity and righteous people

that feed the streets during the new year.

Bless us so that we are always full

just like today at this dinner,

not only for today but for the New Year that awaits us.


Christmas is an excellent time to teach values ​​to the little ones, so take advantage of it.

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