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Why are aunts so important to children?

Why are aunts so important to children?

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That the child grows up with his aunt is a sure value. Being an aunt, or better, being a good aunt for nephews is a sure guarantee that the child will have in it a reference, a friend, a second mother, a support and a confidant. And it is that they enjoy children without the pressure of educating them.

Many of us have that favorite aunt who is present in our childhood memories, occupies a special place in our memory and, above all, in our hearts. Are you that aunt for your nephews?

My favorite aunt has always been present in my life, she has been by my side in all important and unimportant moments and is my reference when it comes to being a good aunt. And the thing is, aunts can bring so many values ​​and good things to children that trying not to be it would be a crime. Why?

1. She is a second mother: It does not have the responsibilities, burdens and stress of parents, and can approach the child with more patience to be able to respond to its needs, either to play or to listen and talk.

2. Is a counselor: She can be a good mediator when there is a problem between the child and the parents, she can selflessly mediate and try to favor everyone, because what she wants is the good of all.

3. She is a psychologist: the good aunt lives the day-to-day life of the family closely, knows her nephews well and knows if they are sad, if they need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to.

4- It is a companion for games and fun: Parents often prioritize obligations and duties and put fun in the background, that is why the aunt is that playmate who can take the child on a trip, to the museum, to the movies or to a fun afternoon of bowling.

5- She is a friend: And also that friendship is disinterested, it will not fail the child, it will be there whenever he needs it and it will last forever.

6- It is detailed: the aunt always has that little gift or a surprise to please the child, either because he is his saint, has gotten good grades, or simply to celebrate that today is today.

7- It is kangaroo: Parents often turn to grandparents to take care of their children if they are going out or cannot be at home, and they take care of them with love, dedication and affection. However, when the babysitter is the aunt ... she brings that fun, crazy and unforgettable point to the afternoons and nights with the nephews.

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