9 short poems to read with children

9 short poems to read with children

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Poetry positively intervenes in the intellectual and emotional development of children. Although at first glance the language of poetry is not so close, its rhythm and musicality make it very attractive to children.

Therefore, poems are a good way to introduce reading among the little ones. Also, reciting poetry is one of the most used tools in early childhood education for the good results it gives in the child's learning.

In Guiainfantil.com we show you a collection of 9 poemsto read and recite with children. In this way, your children will enter the wonderful world of poetry.

List of 9 short poems to learn and read with children

The rats. The mice, a children's poem written by Lope de Vega. Traditional poetry to recite with children. Children's poems to encourage reading.

The dentist in the jungle. The dentist in the jungle is a poem written by Gloria Fuertes. Classical poetry for children. How to encourage reading in children. Simple and short children's poems.

The tarara. La tarara, one of the best-known children's poems by Federico García Lorca. Short nursery rhymes and poems. Traditional children's poems. Poetry with rhymes for children.

April. April, poem by Juan Ramón Jiménez. Poetry to encourage reading among children. Short and simple poems for children. Traditional poetry. Poems with rhymes for children.

Water, where are you going? Collection of poems by Federico García Lorca. Poetry about water. Traditional poems to read with children. Classical poetry books. Water where are you going? by García Lorca.

Pegasi, cute pegasi. Traditional poetry by Antonio Machado. Poem to recite with children. Introduction of poetry in childhood. Children's poems by Antonio Machado. Poems with rhymes for children.

The butterfly. The butterfly, a classic poem by Federico García Lorca. Encourage reading through poetry. Poems to recite with children. Children's poetry. Short poems with rhyme.

Everything is in place. Everything is in its place of Gloria Fuertes. Short poems by Gloria Fuertes. Simple poems to learn. How to encourage reading. Poems to teach children. Children's literature. Short and simple poems.

My face. Here you have a well-known poem by Gloria Fuertes: My face. It is a very short poem by the poet that describes the most important parts of the face. Short poems by Gloria Fuertes. Simple poetry for children. Learning through poetry. Poems to learn. My face of Gloria Fuertes. Short and easy poems.

Poems, poems, verses, are literary treasures for children. The musicality of their phrases, of their rhymes, awaken not only feelings and sensations, but also the understanding of text in children. Poetry brings many benefits to children. Guiainfantil.com highlights some of them:

1. Increase children's vocabulary. The poems are with a play on words for children. Therefore, children can learn and increase their vocabulary.

2. Stimulates children's memory. By memorizing a poem, children can increase their ability to remember what they read. And as you try to memorize it, you will increase your understanding of the text.

3. Encourages reading in children. Poetry can be a very fun way to bring children closer to reading, because of its diversity, because of its rhymes, because it is more versatile.

4. Stimulates children's language. Poetry not only favors understanding, but also the expressiveness of children. Poetry invites children to play with language, create their own rhymes, use figurative language, create metaphors, express feelings and emotions.

5. Promotes the understanding of feelings in children. Poetry is not only a tool to learn to read, but also to understand the mood of children. It helps them understand feelings and visualize situations.

6. Give wings to children's imaginations. The rhythm of the poetry, with its rhymes and verses, stimulates the imagination, the capacity for interpretation, the creativity and the fantasy of children. By writing poetry, children can learn to create and recreate lived and experienced feelings.

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