Night of the lullabies. Short Christmas poems to play with children

Night of the lullabies. Short Christmas poems to play with children

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Children's poetry is great entertainment during the Christmas holidays. But, in addition to celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus, we can use the verses of the short Christmas poems to work with children on their skills and knowledge. This is what we propose to you from this poem entitled 'La noche de las nanas', which we have accompanied along with different educational activities with which you will have a great time all together, as a family.

when you see the child cry

and the baby Jesus looks at him

and they cry more and more.

One child cries, the other cries,

they do not stop howling,

and even the mule and the ox

they start to get impatient.

The shepherd's mother

and Mary and Saint Joseph

with their voices they accompany.

They have fallen asleep

you can't hear them cry

they all speak very softly

do not wake him up.

Normally, we usually propose reading comprehension exercises to children from the reading of stories. However, it can also be very educational and helpful to do so after reading poems like this one. And it is that, in this way, it helps us to know if our child is capable of maintain attention while reading poetry and if you have understood what you have read.

Next, we propose a 'true or false' activity in which the child has to identify whether each of the sentences are true or false. Go for it!

1. The pastor did not cry, he was very happy.

2. The mule and the ox were getting tired of so much crying and screaming.

3. The pastor's mother read them a story to make them stop crying.

4. Finally, both the pastor and the baby Jesus fell asleep peacefully.

How many sentences has your child got right? If you have failed several, it means that you have not been paying enough attention. Therefore, we suggest that you read the poem in a low voice and aloud again, this time paying more attention.

Reading a Christmas poem can be very entertaining, but you can also use it as an educational resource to continue working on different skills and concepts with children. It is what poetry has, which are all benefits!

Therefore, below we propose a series of activities that start from these verses so that you continue to have fun.

- Recite the poem aloud
Have you already put the birth at home? If so, you can take advantage of these verses to read them in front of the Nativity Scene, as a beautiful and traditional Christmas gesture. To work the poem well, we recommend that you first ask your child to read it quietly, taking the time he needs. Later, you can read it aloud: a first time you, from top to bottom; a second time the little one, also from the beginning to the end; and finally, once again in which each one reads a stanza and a verse.

This exercise will help you learn the verses by heart and, therefore, reciting them will be easier for you.

- The 'why' game
This Christmas poem offers us a very simple situation to imagine: the shepherd boy and his mother have gone to see the baby Jesus, who was crying, which will also cause the shepherd's sadness. However, the verses do not tell why the child God is crying.

It is at this point that you can play the game of 'why' with your little one. To do this, ask your child questions about the poem so that they can invent and create a story of their liking from the verses. Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • Why have the pastor and his mother visited the baby Jesus?
  • Why was the baby Jesus crying?
  • What lullaby did the woman begin to sing?

- Use it as a letter to make up a Christmas carol
This poem can become the prettiest letter in a Christmas carol you make up. You can use the melody of the Christmas song that your child likes the most and turn it into your own personal Christmas carol.

- Draw a picture about the story
As always, poems are an excuse and inspiration for children to get down to work with their paintings ... and to draw!

- Enjoy other Christmas poems
In We have many more Christmas poems for you to enjoy the best verses this holiday season. Do not hesitate to consult all of them and keep your favorites.

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